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7 Ways to Annihilate Stress with Your Cell Phone

02 May 7 Ways to Annihilate Stress with Your Cell Phone

Every day we use cellular telephones. We place calls, text message, plan our day and receive calls on our cell phones.

We also observe other people walking down the street seemingly hard wired to their cell phones. Just go to any restaurant in the United States, sit down for a quiet dinner, and you will soon be barraged by cell phone conversations. When you get up from you table to go to the restroom, you will hear other people in stalls talking on their cell phones.

Does this create more stress in your life? Yes it does.

Do people who are constantly on their cell phones experience more stress than those of us who are unplugged? I think so. They feel that they "have to" have their cell phones on at all times or they will miss out on something extremely important.

Your cell phone can be your biggest enemy in your war against stress or it can be your greatest ally.

In the midst of all this cell phone stress and tension, I have created a program to enable you to annihilate stress with your cell phone.

Cell Phone Stress Annihilation Program

Most of the stress that we encounter during the day is core stress. Core stress is what occurs every time you "have to" do something rather than "want to do" something.

Example # 1: "Tomorrow is Monday and I will" have to "go to work.

Example # 2: "Tomorrow our bonus checks are coming in." "I want to go to work, tomorrow." You may be going to the same job, however, since you are going to work to receive your bonus check, you have annotated stress with your "want to" attitude rather than the "have to" attitude in example 1.

Back to the restaurant

Now you are back at the restaurant, sitting down and enjoying your dinner. You are grateful to someone in a loud voice saying into his cell phone, "can you hear me now?"

Then in a litterer louder voice he says, "Can you hear me now?"

You are on the receiving end of core stress. In fact you are the recipient of the cell phone user's stress. You "have to" listen to this person's voice. You wanted to sit down and eat at the restaurant. Your "want to" attitude now has changed, because of the fact that you "have to" listen to this loud person.

In order to change your attitude you must get back into the "want to" mindset. Yes, this is easier said then done, but you want to do this anyway.

Simply focus on your table setting and the people sitting with you and take three slow deep breaths. Now think to yourself, "I want to be at this restaurant." "I am relaxing and I am in charge of my own attitude." "It is up to me to have an enjoyable time here at the restaurant."

You may want to remember that people who are hardwired to their cell phones are experiencing great amounts of stress. They fear failure in that they think that they will lose something of great value if they do not respond using their phones, and they feel rejection. They feel may feel they will lose someone of great importance whether that be a friend, a business associate or a potential client. Fear is what is driving these people to keep their phones in every part of their everyday lives.

Make sure you do not let these strangers' fears become contagious. Keep breathing deeply and relaxing and enjoy your dinner.

How Can I Change the Way I React to My Cell Phone?

Cell phones like computers are here to stay. They come in handy for emerging and represented our businesses and our lives "in a box." (A very small box I might add)

You can change the way you react toward your cell phone and actually create one of the best tools for annihilating stress at the same time.

Cell Phone Stress Annihilation Exercise

My cell phone is manufactured by Samsung and is three years old. I use Verizon Wireless as my carrier.

I understand that many of you have the features I will talk about but many of you may not. You may find by experimenting that you have many additional features that will help you annihilate stress. All of you have some of the features that will turn your cell phone from a stress creating device into a stress annihilating tool. I have found 7 features of my cell phone that will annihilate stress.

1. Your visual cell phone recognition: As you locate your cell phone visually on your desk, your night stand, or the front seat of your car, take a long slow deep breath like this.
Inhale slowly …. hold it … now let it out. Let all of the tension to leave your body now.

Use your cell phone as an anchoring device for your deep breathing. Whenever you are in a stressful situation, breathing willows. By practicing deep breathing each and every time your visibly look at your cell phone, you will be annihilating any stress that may be lurking in your body at this time.

2. The next feature of the cell phone stress annihilator is located in your daily planner. Many cell phones include a planner that is used much like a palm pilot planner.

The first item located in my planner is a "to do list." If you have located your planner enter the word "Breathe" as your top item on the list. After all, Dr. Andrew Weil the famous health doctor believes that deep breathing, at intervals several times a day is the best exercise you can do for both your mind and body. Let Dr Weil be our guide. If you like me and have trouble spelling words with your little keypad, just type the letter "B" for "breathe."

When you are using your cell phone, check your "to do" list and breathe.

3. Another feature of my cell phone planner is the "memo pad." Here I can write the word "breathe" or include a "b" as well. This is a personal memo from me reminding me to breathe.

One thing I do for motivation rather than use breathe or b is I typed in the following words, "I believe in you, Butch." Butch was my best friend and died shortly after he got out of the Marines about 30 years ago. I like to use the phrase as an affirmation that I can accomplish anything I want to accomplish. By entering in "I believe in you and putting his name it helps me feel I am not alone and Butch will help me enjoy my success.

Is there anyone in your life, a parent, grandparent, a favorite uncle or best friend who is not around anymore but you know in your heart would support your decisions? If so why not use your memory of them to help you annihilate stress?

4. Another feature of my cell phone is a "voice memo." I can record up to 60 seconds on my voice memo. In 60 seconds I can give myself a little exercise in deep breathing or I can give myself a short motivational presentation. If you are in sales you may use it for your "elevator speech," or what you say during your introductory call.

5. Voice Mail: If you need more than 60 seconds, you may call your voice mail and record your stress annihilation exercise or motivational speech in voice mail so you have to option to listen to it anytime you feel you need it.

6. Text messages. You can send text messages to anyone you desire including yourself. Why not text yourself a message, "Remember to breathe deeply and relax today?"

7. The main purpose of a cell phone is to call other people. For exercise number 7 in my cell phone stress annihilation program, as you dial your telephone and are waiting for it to make a connection, ring or as you wait for your call recipient to pick up or for the call to go into voice mail, take a long, slow deep breath and relax. Again, remember to breathe deeply as you begin you telephone conversation. You will find your mind sharp, alert and focused on your cell phone call. As you relax, you will find your memory more acute than it is when you are stressed.


You can experience stress just by going to a nice restaurant at dinner time thanks to people who are using their cell phones and conversing in loud conversations. The lesson from this is that you can use your cell phone as a stress annihilation tool. You learned 7 ways to use your cell-phone as a successful stress annihilator. Use as many of these tips as you can daily and enjoy a more stress free life!

By Wayne Perkins

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