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Advantages and Disadvantages of Pay As You Go Cell Phones

09 Jul Advantages and Disadvantages of Pay As You Go Cell Phones

Pay as you go cell phones are becoming more popular as time goes by. There are distinct advantages and disadvantages concerning these phones.


No one can track your number using a reverse cell phone lookup service. Despite the improvements of a reverse cell phone look-up services over the years, they cannot give the name of 99% of pay as you go users. If you are seeking anonymity, this is an advantage.

No credit check required. There is no credit check required to use one of these phones. This can fall into either category, and I will explain in both. You do not need any credit rating at all to use these phones. As soon as you buy, you have service and you are up and running. No one will turn you down because of your credit score.

You have to buy the phone outright. If you do not care a lot about the phone and a plain simple phone is fine for you, then this is not an issue. However, buying a more sophisticated phone can become expensive.


Your number may not be available. Sometimes you want others to be able to find you or your number. Usually you can get information on a person if you both use the same provider.

Fewer plans and options. pay as you go phones have fewer plan options that a regular service. However, there are unlimited plans – calling, texting, and online for most providers. However, these are usually pretty inflexible.

I mentioned before that no credit check was an advantage. The down side to this is that you cannot build up your credit by using the phone service. Regular plan providers, do however, report to credit reporting agencies.

Customer support. Customer support for obvious reasons focuses more on subscription users more so than on pay as you go plans. If customer support is a big deal – you may want to subscribe.

No phone number protection. Usually a cell phone service will give you quite a lengthy “grace period” to protect your number if you are a subscriber. If you have a pay as you go and let the plan lapse, you old number can be re-issued in a matter of days. This can cause problems for not only you, but those who wish to contact you.

The Bottom Line:

If you are a new user, and you do not have credit built up, you may want to go the pay as you go route. You can get pretty much instant service when you buy the phone. If you know you want to keep the number, try to be a subscriber, you can keep the number, even if you switch companies.

By Barry Dunn

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