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All You Want To Know About Chocolate Cell Phones

21 Dec All You Want To Know About Chocolate Cell Phones

When you think of Chocolate Cell Phones, your thoughts are going to stray to Hershey chocolate or Ghirardelli chocolate. You might even think a cell phone made of chocolate might be the work of Lindt chocolate. The truth is that there is a Vermont chocolate maker that sells a milk chocolate cell phone. It is the size of an actual cell phone complete with realistic keypad and a small chocolate antenna, and although you can not make an actual phone call with it, you can eat it and enjoy a real treat.

Chocolate cell phones do not really refer to candy, however. Verizon Chocolate cell phones are actually a third generation device that provides music videos, games, television clips, global positioning navigation and a 1.3 megapixel digital camera. This is all combined with a cell phone. It is being a goal of consumer electronics makers for years to achieve what is called convergence. This means the combination of various devices with wide diverse functions into a single device.

The Chocolate cellular phone has a Bluetooth wireless interface and mobile email. The phone book capacity is 500 names and numbers. The LCD display has a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels. The camera has a built in flash, and 4x digital zoom. The list of accessories includes a wrist strap, headphones, and a carrying case. It sees the list of features crammed into this small device looks endless. There is a calculator, a calendar, and both an alarm and a world clock. One thing missing is a speakerphone which is rather strange since this is a standard feature on most handsets including some manufactured by the same company that makes the Chocolate phone for Verizon.

Verizon has made this model very music friendly. You can download tunes directly to the phone via Verizon's V Cast Music service, or you can download the tunes directly to your pc and then to the unit via a USB cable. Some reviewers of the Chocolate cell phone have found the controls to be rather confusing and suggest that a careful reading of the manual and a bit of practice is needed to understand just how everything works. Another downside is that the basic package does not include everything that you need to utilize every feature and to do so; you need to buy some accessories separately.

The Chocolate phone actually looks like a small Hershey Chocolate bar and should be popular with younger buyers because of its music and game capabilities. The Chocolate phone was introduced in South Korea in May of 2006, and sold over one million units worldwide wide before its release in the United States in August.

By Natalie Aranda

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