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Aruba Travel Facts – Five Things to Know Before You Go

02 Nov Aruba Travel Facts – Five Things to Know Before You Go

Your vacation to Aruba is only two months away and you’re busy planning for your trip. While you are really looking forward to your trip there are some nagging questions for which you wish you had answers. Here are the most common questions we get based on feedback from our readers;

1. Can I use my cell phone in Aruba? In almost all cases the answer is yes. Aruba has good cell phone service across the island and your phone will work in most locations. Keep in mind that you may need to have your cell phone carrier in your home country enable your phone for international use. Here are a couple of key things to remember – using your cell phone in ANY country outside of your home country is normally very expensive and Aruba is no different. If you have a data plan for your phone and want to check your e-mail this is even more true. Be VERY careful when you use your phone for calling while in Aruba. We suggest turning your data service OFF while you are in Aruba. You can check your e-mail from your computer in your room or in one of the Internet Cafes in Aruba. It will be significantly cheaper!

2. Will my electrical appliances work in Aruba? If you are from North America the answer is yes – Aruba uses US-standard 110vac 60Hz electric service and outlets. Travelers from Europe will need the appropriate adapters for their appliances, computers, etc.

3. Is it easy to get around in Aruba? This certainly depends where you will be on the island but the answer in most cases is yes – very easy. Aruba’s taxi service is very good – the Taxi drivers are courteous and they keep their cars in very good shape. If you are staying in the high-rise or low-rise hotel areas you will find a bus route that runs from the California Lighthouse to Oranjestad. The cost is very reasonable and the service is punctual. You’ll feel comfortable taking the bus once you’ve experienced it your fist time.

4. Is there crime in Aruba? There are several Caribbean islands that have a difficult time with crime, fortunately crime in Aruba is minimal in comparison. Aruba’s crime rate is low thanks in-part to the efforts of the government there to provide basic services to all citizens. This does not mean that you do not have to be careful however – always use caution and common sense when traveling on the island. In the evening, stay out of neighborhoods that are outside the normal tourist areas. Don’t leave valuables alone on the beach while you are there – the beaches are open to all on the island and unattended valuables may not be safe.

5. What is the immigration and customs process when visiting Aruba? With the exception of key travel days getting into Aruba and out of Aruba is a very easy process. The airport has been expanded and resources provided by the government to keep delays at a minimum. When you get to Aruba you’ll first need to go through Immigration. There is a form you must fill-out before entering the country. You will be given part of the form back to keep and present when you leave the country. After Immigration you’ll pick-up your baggage if you’ve checked bags then go through Customs. In most cases you are welcomed and waved through with a smile.

Now you have some basic knowledge to prepare you for your trip to Aruba. It’s a great country to visit and we’re sure you’ll have a wonderful time!

By Matthew Patterson

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