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AT&T Launches 4G LTE Coverage in Eastern Iowa

25 Aug AT&T Launches 4G LTE Coverage in Eastern Iowa

CORALVILLE, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28)–Eastern Iowa students and workers could soon have easier access to the information they need.Starting today, our cell phone and internet service is getting an upgrade.The upgrade is from ATT. They recently launched 4G LTE service in the area which means faster service for residents and businesses.From cell phones to tablets and computers technology is a big part of our daily lives.I feel like I’m one of those typical people that when they don’t know what to do I take out my phone and look at Twitter…doing one of those things,‚ said University of Iowa student, Kelly Breen.I use mine a lot. Mostly for music like when I’m walking around campus,‚ said fellow student Brooklynn Kascel.Now mobile internet speed is faster, ten times faster.As part of ATT‚„s plan to expand its broadband network, they are investing 170 million dollars to bring faster services to the area.With the goal to get this spread throughout the state so that people in underserved and rural communities also have this technology,‚ said Spokesperson, Tom Hopkins.So when you pick up your phone to watch a video or download content, there will be less waiting time.It gives residents and businesses here the same capabilities as businesses and residents in large cities, New York, LA ,Chicago,‚ Hopkins said.Some University of Iowa students say this move will allow them to better connect with various activities even when they are on the go.It’s really good for school work, like research and doing homework and stuff. It helps to get things done quicker,‚ Kascel said.Also if you’re in a situation where you need to contact someone or look something up it can help you if you’re lost or finding your way,‚ Breen said.ATT officially launched 4G LTE in Cedar Rapids today.It was launched in Coralville and Iowa City a week ago.U.S Cellular already has the service in Eastern Iowa, as does Verizon who launched theirs in July 2012.

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