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Best Cell Phones For Children

24 Feb Best Cell Phones For Children

Why parents should consider buying a cell phone for their kids.

There are many reasons why as a responsible parent you might consider getting your child a cell phone. First and foremost, safety is a concern with thousands of children going missing each year – or suddenly facing challenging or threatening situations. By giving kids a cell phone you hope they'll call and ask for your advice or help in the event that they need it.

It's also good to be able to keep in touch with your kids because you can get any questions you have answered quickly and be reassured regarding their well being. However, sometimes the most popular reason for parents getting the kids a cell phone is simply that of popularity. Almost all children want to have one so that they feel grown up and can text their friends and other family members. They've also become something of a fashion accessory and are highly covetable, cool items!

Choosing Cell Phones for Children

There are a few things which you should keep in mind when you're choosing a cell phones for your kids. After all, kids have a very different lifestyle to adults and their needs are slightly different.

* Choose a durable phone that can withstand some dropping, tossing and rough treatment because some children like to play with their cell phone and are not always kind to it. There is a good chance that they will put it in their pocket and then land on it at the skate park.

* If possible, pick out a phone which has a long battery life. A child may not remember to charge the phone too often or may even see it as a chore, so the longer the battery life the better.

* Younger kids in particular love colorful screens and handsets so try to choose something funky, but do not spend too much money. After all, it could end up going missing, flushed down the toilet or broken in the first week.

* Discourage your child from over-using the phone. Otherwise it will cost you a lot of money for calls and texts. Some people also believe that excessive use can give rise to health concerns.

* Function depends on age. Your teens are probably more competent cell phone users than you are! However, keep it simple for youngger kids and given them 'phone confidence' by teaching them how to use all the functions or helping them to read the manual. Like all devices some children get to grips with them faster than others.

By Kris Pilisiewicz

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