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Best Deals On Cell Phones – Where Do I Find Them?

04 Sep Best Deals On Cell Phones – Where Do I Find Them?

It's amazing to look at the cellular phone industry today compared to 10 years ago. Ten years ago, the first person in our 'group' got a cell phone and what a HUGE even that was! Ten years ago, it was big news and any plan that had unlimited 'regional calling' was a big deal. Forget about unlimited nationwide calling, just getting unlimited calling in your STATE was awesome!

Now look at it today. It's the status quo, and if we're going to shell out a couple of hundred dollars for a cell phone, we expect it to do all sorts of functions in addition to folding our laundry. It still impresses me how much a part of not just daily business life the cell phone has become; but daily personal life, as well.

The issue today is that, with so many providers and plans and phones, how do we know if we're getting a good deal? We can not just go to one store or make one phone call or go to one site, and know that we are getting the best and / or only only deal. Today, there are wholesalers, outlets, kiosks, discount web sites, resellers, constant store sales, etc. We could very easily by a blackberry today and see it somewhere else 1 month later for $ 100- $ 200 less.

So how do we know if we're getting a good price? How do we know where to look?

Well, there are a couple of options out there, so relax and read on:

1. If you do decide to buy from a store or an outlet / kiosk, just ask them outright if this is the best deal. If they answer yes, then ask them for some kind of guarantee to ensure your sale and repeat business. (ie matching the difference on a lower price, with proof, within 21-30 days of purchasing the phone).

2. Shop Around. In general, the very basic flip phones and open face phone are mass produced these days. That means that these are the phones the cell phone companies will target for sales and discounts. As a basic rule, basic flip phones and open face phones can be found for FREE or even for PROFIT (ie pay $ 50 and get a $ 100 rebate). This is not uncommon; you just have to know where to find these deals.

3. a. Do not shop at an exclusive retailer. If you shop at a store that only markets one provider, this is usually where the prices are highest. You have no other deals in front of you to compare against, and you're on their territory. This is where they are best in closing a sale and convincing you that they are giving you a great deal, regardless of whether or not you saw the phone elsewhere for less.

b. Shop at a dealer (or website) that markets multiple providers. The more the better. This is usually where you'll find the best deals – from wholesalers. If you take a quick look at my site below, you'll see a great example of that.

You work hard for you money, spend a little extra time researching and asking around and you'll be amazed at the deals you can find. Why pay $ 100- $ 200 for a phone when you can get that for free? Down the road, you'll save your money and you'll also share this information with friends and family. $ 50, $ 100 per person adds up quickly!

By Adel Refai

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