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Cell Phones For Seniors Offer 3 Solutions for Their Current Problems

10 Nov Cell Phones For Seniors Offer 3 Solutions for Their Current Problems

In recent times, cell phones for seniors have not been well received by them. One third of the American Public, 65-85 has a hearing loss, but after 85, that percentage increases to one half. It also shows up in a similar examination, that men and woman have a positive change in the loss of their perception. Combine those with the fact that when these people, mostly our own friends and relatives, have a mishap in their home or any isolated area, that makes them difficult, not only for us to find, but also for the emergency medical personnel and emergency services people to find and help them.

This is a specific bother of our times, but yet, those unique times have also been able to give the response to those problems with the showing off of a new series of cell phones, made solely for the use of our seniors. So the three main problems are:

  • Poor Hearing of the Individual
  • Poor Vision of the Individual and
  • Inability to find them if they are lost or injured!

Our Solution: The New Series of Cell Phones For Seniors!

In hunting for a cell phone for a few seniors you might know, one of the first assets to think about is the ability to work well with their hearing aid device (s). Ordinary cell phones, by their nature (and what bandwidth they are transmitting and receiving on) emit signals that impede the normal operation of hearing aids or other electronic products used by older people.

The interference is normally presented as heavy noise or scratchy sounds that tend to drive the user nuts. Currently, however, most major corporations of cell phone entities are required to offer hearing aid congruous phones, that for the most part, get rid of this problem.

Ultimately, even for those whose hearing is not gone, but also, is not good, these devices currently have sound amplification, so you will not have to strain to hear better. For those whose vision is not good or getting that way quickly, the new phones have large keys or buttons (almost 1/2 "square), which make them painless for seniors to actually use.

And for those seniors that use the "smart phones" (the ones with data and internet access), their screens have been increased and those screens now offer zoom enlargements for the ability to see text better. Lastly, for those seniors that are disquited about being alone, in their home, or not being able to phone up someone to help them in that urgent time of rapid need, when something takes place and no one is around, this is the device for you.

The new cell phone for seniors has a new feature called an SOS key. This key gives the ability to the senior to communicate their need for help (for emergency services), or a specific pre-set number (like that of a friend or relative) with only one push of a large button. This, in itself, will save the lives and / or lengthen the lives of many people! Think of the less hazardous effects of just this one asset!

Built-in GPS software, is the basic thing that brings the emergency services people to be able to find the party, in need. These new phones have convenience programs, such as large menus to help the owner in using their phone, as well, the capacity to talk to live support people that can aid them with the phone features and how to use those features as well as other important phone questions.

For someone that grows up with technology, this really does not sound like too big a deal, only for most seniors and people not growing up in the technology age, take my word for it, this is a humongous asset. People growing older today, have today's science and technology, to convey their thanks to for these new cell phones for seniors.

Without it, these phones could not have that GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) capability, so that with one push of a button, needed help, not only could arrive, but know exactly where to arrive, on time. Older, weary, eyes can see the controls better on these portable phones and the older person can hear better and more distinctly, thanks to the new hearing aid compatibility solutions brought to us by this new technology.

By Ray Morgan

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