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Charter Triple Play Offer – Call Today to Take Advantage!

17 Dec Charter Triple Play Offer – Call Today to Take Advantage!

We all love spending quality time with our families whether it’s watching a movie together or going out for a bite to eat. Nobody wants to have to write checks and stuff envelopes to resolve their monthly bills. Next to mortgage payments, the biggest expense you might be facing are your cable, broadband and telephone bills. With so much Internet use the bills for broadband are always going up. The amount of these three monthly utility invoices can be lowered when you bundle your services with Charter Cable. A bundled plan saves on infrastructure costs and you can pay just one really low monthly fee for all the services that Charter offers and you will be surprised at how much you are getting! On account of the affordability of packaging these services into one bundle, Charter is able to provide you with the newest technology and optimal customer support. They can still offer you very low rates for each of their services individually if you are not interested in taking the entire package. If you want to know how Charter offers you the best prices and the latest technology that just can’t be matched, then read on.

Charter Broadband – The Fastest Broadband Experience Available

If you are fed up with a slow, unreliable Internet connection switch to Charter’s latest broadband technology which allows you to reach blazing speeds of up to 10Mbps while retaining high level of reliability. Websites, podcasts, documents, videos, files and streaming media download immediately. With this service, your telephone line will be free while you are online. All members of your household can access the Internet at the same time while still maintaining a fast connection. They even make sure every one in your family can have their own email addresses by giving you up to 10 free email accounts when you sign up for Internet service.  

Charter Telephone – The Best Plan For The Least Amount of Money

Charter offers a high-quality, affordable digital phone service, which is transmitted digitally over packet-switched networks. It operates exactly like your ordinary phone provider and there’s no necessity to purchase additional hardware to go with it. It works with your current telephone equipment and you get to keep the same number as well. You simply need to discontinue your existing phone provider’s service and order the Charter instead. They charge you a flat monthly rate for unlimited local and national long distance calls. Yes, you heard it right, UNLIMITED! It doesn’t matter which network it is or how long your calls are, you’re still free to phone anybody in the country for the same charge each month. And you still get the extras you enjoy like call waiting, voice mail, call forwarding, speed dialing and caller ID. Charter’s international call rates are quite inexpensive. To emphasize that they are very confident offering excellent services, they provide you a satisfaction guarantee for their digital voice plans. Charter offers the best deals around!

See The New Fall TV Series In HD With Charter Cable TV!

Charter Cable offers digital video services and video on demand programming, as well as bringing you phone and broadband services at very low costs. Movies, family entertainment, sports, news and comedy are included in the hundreds of world-wide channel offerings. With VOD programming, your can order a movie and just as you would a DVD, you can pause, stop, rewind or fast foward as you wish. Charter offers Video On Demand FREE with your cable service! Charter services are accessed via an easy onscreen guide, which enables you to gain access to regular cable channels, pay-per-view theatrical releases, and HDTV programs for awesome, optimal video and audio quality. You receive an interactive television service for next generation of television service. You can hook up all the TVs you own to your cable box and get all your local channels and it’s all included in the price. With Charter, TV will never be the same again.

Charter is an established company, known to their customers for providing the best cable television services. To meet demand, they’ve now added Internet and digital phone services. If you want to save on costs and enjoy the best entertainment and communications services, join the Charter family now.

By Martha Smith

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