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Cheap Prepaid Cell Phones – How to Compare

17 Feb Cheap Prepaid Cell Phones – How to Compare

When you first get a cell phone, it is smart to do a thorough search of as many cellular providers as possible, comparing plans and what kinds of cell phones each provider has to offer. Are you looking for cheap prepaid cell phone service? Then you might want to read on for some good tips.

First of all, do an Internet search using this phrase: 'cheap prepaid cell phone'. When you have done this, you will find that there are thousands of web sites that deal with cell phones, cellular providers, and the many different types of prepaid calling plans.

Do not despair! It may seem an impossible task, but by using common sense and some basic search guidelines, you can whittle down the thousands of websites to possibly twenty useful sites. And of those twenty, you may find as many as ten offer discount calling plans.

The challenge for me was comparing prepaid phone service plans, so I tackled it like I do all of my projects – I used my spreadsheet program. First I set up my spreadsheet with at least ten criteria for mobile phone service. Then I looked at a great many different plans and settled on about ten.

Each plan has something different to offer – but one key element to comparing prepaid cell phone providers is that not all companies are available in all areas of the country, so that would be the most important criteria.

Price is, of course, the most important criteria to prepaid phone plans. You want to choose a plan that is the lowest possible in cost, while at the same time having service that is available in as many locations as possible. After all, what good is an inexpensive phone if you can not call someone with it?

Okay, so we have established two very important things: the cheap provider must be just that – inexpensive! And it must be readily available in as many places as possible.

What are some other important things about discount phone plans? Well, do you like to text a lot? Then you want to have free, unlimited texting..or at the worst, relatively inexpensive texting is OK. I like to have a great storage capacity for phone numbers, so that is very important to me. Also, a nice ringtone would be a great feature.

Finally, cheap prepaid cell phone service should have as many of the features that YOU want – because it is all about facilitating the consumer and giving them as many bells and whistles as they desire. From the consumer's standpoint, price would be the key deciding factor in making a choice.

By Louis Zhang

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