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Cheap Way to Unlock your Treo Instantly!

06 Jul Cheap Way to Unlock your Treo Instantly!

If you have a Palm Treo and would like to switch service provider, you will need to get it unlocked. In the past that meant sending it off to someone and having them unlock it for you. Or paying your provider big bucks to unlock it. But you can now do it from your own home for as little as 15$. Sites such as CellUnlockCode sell two ways of unlocking your Treo. By unlock code or unlock software.

Easy to use unlock software will have your Treo unlocked in minutes. Once your order is placed, you will instantly receive an email with the unlock software, instructions, and a username and password. Then its just a matter of following the instructions to install the software and drivers, and within a couple of minutes you should have your Treo unlocked and ready for use on ANY GSM network. Remember that your Treo MUST be GSM to have it unlocked. Supported models are the Treo 650, 680, 750, and 750v. New models are added all the time, so if yours isn’t listed, I suggest you check the page to make sure.

CellUnlockCode can also unlock your Treo with an unlock code. For about 10-20$ more you can avoid using unlock software and simply send them your 15 digit IMEI number (which you can get by pressing * # 0 6 # on your keypad). The unlock code will work for ANY GSM Treo locked to Cingular/AT&T or T-Mobile. Once you place your order and send them your IMEI number, they will send you your unlock code along with instructions on how to enter it into your Treo. It generally takes about 1-2 days for them to send you your unlock code.

There are many benefits to getting your Treo unlocked. First of all it’s 100% legal so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re breaking the law. In addition to the freedom of being able to switch providers, it also increases the resale value of your phone. Another great feature is that it can become very convenient if you are traveling abroad. For instance, an unlocked cellphone would allow you buy a local simcard and save on any phone calls you make.

Regardless of which unlock method you chose, both are quick and painless. We highly recommend CellUnlockCode as their prices are amongst the cheapest on the net, and customer service is extremely quick.


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