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Cheating Caught in the Act – Eight Things You Need TO Know

12 Jun Cheating Caught in the Act – Eight Things You Need TO Know

When trying to figure weather or not a spouse is cheating is hard to determine for sure. There are signs of cheating just like a Indy 500 race, there are “warning flags” that go up to give a warning about the condition of the track. There are Green Flags, the red Flags and yellow flags to give warnings and signs of cheating, and of course the checker flag goes out when the winner crosses the finish line.

While flags and warnings may appear at times during a marriage, it is up to the Individual to assess the situation carefully and to gather evidence wherever possible to either substantiate or negate suspicions. Do women cheat more then men studies do not show this, however I must say that when it comes to cheating, women have a much more built in intelligence compared to men. So if you are looking to know weather or not your girlfriend is cheating, your boyfriend is cheating, your husbands cheating or your wife is cheating, various flags, so to speak, of various colors may be apparent in a troubled relationship, and determining the degree of those flags will be decided by the individual who sees them.

For example, what might serve as a red flag to one woman might only serve as a yellow flag to another. It all depends upon expectations, environment, situation, and attitude. Let’s also specify that just because a flag is visible does not mean what you think it might. In all situations, it is best not to jump to conclusions until further information can be gathered and a logical and reasonable decision made.

So you might be asking, what are the warning signs that are visible during different times of a marriage, that a spouse might be having an affair? Below are some of the most common signs that can be visible during an extramarital affair.

#1 A spouse suddenly becomes more affectionate. While in some cases more so with men then women, a marital affair can kick in the sex drive which was dormant for so long leading to a need for more sex, especially with men, but women are not exempt either.

#2 The offending spouse becomes increasingly critical. In this situation a spouse that is engaged in an extramarital affair may need to justify there affair thus becoming more critical of their spouse. A wife who cannot seem to do anything right, a husband who does not meet the needs of a demanding spouse.

#3 Many cheating husbands often initiate unusual sexual requests of their wives. This is so true especially if the offending spouse has had illicit sexual behavior out side the relationship often asking for a lap dance or a striptease or playing with sexual toys which have never come up in foreplay before, and especially with women who now want there husbands to be more adventurous in bed.

#4 A cheating husband may show a decrease in interest not only household chores and responsibilities, but in engaging with the children or wife. Unfortunately an affair involves much more then just sex it also involves emotional resources as well losing interest in family home and friends is a common side effect of an affair. It is almost like the offending spouse is living a fantasy it’s as though he or she may suddenly act as though they are living a new life and they drop there responsibilities as such. Such distancing is fairly common and causes financial, emotional, and mental stress on all parties involved.

#5 Cheating husbands or wives often experience financial difficulties. It’s hard enough trying to make ends meet with one family and spouse, mortgage or other family obligations, Now try to factor in buying gifts, rent, and other payments for the cheating spouses lover even makes it that much more difficult.

#6 Physical clues. In many adulterous relationships, a man may come home with lipstick on his collar or smelling of a different perfume, other signs are new clothes, better attention to detail with grooming habits, For example a woman who was comfortable wearing jeans and a sweatshirt may now adorn a dress, new jewelry and shoes and a new smelling perfume. You may even look out for gym memberships, a dieting plan, new hairstyle, the list is as endless as our imaginations can be.

#7 Physical evidence. It is hard to ignore the signs of a cheating spouse. Such things as notes, new cell phone numbers condoms found in clothing, home offices even in glove compartments and ashtrays of cars can be a common place to look for such items.

#8 Excessive phone calls. Finding a cheating spouse on a phone call and suddenly cutting it short when they notice you watching, or finding a new friend at work is a common excuse for people in an adulterous relationship, women especially women, do women cheat more then men? well the studies do not show this to be true but the statistic’s are coming closer as time goes on.. Even with new technology such as *69 and caller ID they take a little more caution when it comes to phone calls but they sometimes forget about phone bills or Phone towers that can track there cell phone usage. Calls made right after the cheating spouse leaves to go to work and right before they get home are efficient ways to find cheating caught in the act. Lets not forget that cell phone telephone bills list every call, its duration, and time it is placed from and too as well.

If you think that you are being cheated on and your cheating spouces is up to no good or you think that your cheating house wifes is running around on you, there is hope to deeming weather or not he or she is having a adulterous relationship. But you need to be informed on all the cheating signs especially if your lover has done this in the past, they can become quite good at hiding the signs. It is said that as many as 60% of spouses who have been cheated on had no idea until the cheating spouse finally left the marriage or a concerned friend or relative finally revealed the truth to the unsuspecting spouse.

By Carson Mosher

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