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Choosing the Best Cell Phone

26 May Choosing the Best Cell Phone

We live in a world that becomes more technologically advanced every second. A gadget may become yesterday's news when a better, faster version comes out soon after its release. Some even becomes obsolese in a matter of months. This is the same conundrum that affects anyone who is trying to purchase a new phone. To say that one wants the best cell phone is like saying one wishes to stay young forever. Every day better phones with better features are being developed and one needs to have the proper knowledge in order to make the most of their hard-earned cash when purchasing this piece of electronic wonder.

In choosing the best cell phone, it is important that one has an idea of ​​what the phone should look like, what the phone should be able to do, and how well it can do it.

For example, one should first decide on the size. A small phone can easily fit a user's pocket, making it easy to carry around. However, smaller phones mean smaller displays and tiny keypads. These can prove cumbersome for people with big hands and large fingers. This will not be a problem for larger phones, but lugging around a phone that's almost the size of a tablet PC may also be problematic.

The next important thing to consider is the interface. Nowadays, touch screen phones are all the rage and phone companies are all joining the bandwagon, racing each other to come out with the best touch screen phones in the market. On the other hand, nothing beats the ease of use of a physical keypad. Whether it's the classic tactile keypad for the basic call-and-text phones or the QWERTY keypad for the smart phones, no one can deny that messaging is much easier through a phone with real buttons.

The physical shape and appearance of a phone is also an important factor. Clamshell and slider phones often have protected but smaller keypads that can be accessed by flipping or sliding the phone open to reveal the buttons. Meanwhile, bar phones, including touch screen phones, has typically larger keypads but there's always the danger of accidental typing or dialing especially if the keypad is not locked.

Another important criterion for choosing the best cell phone is connectivity. Cell phones are after all primarily used for staying connected. These specific to features such as Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi capability, and instant messaging. Bluetooth enabled devices make it easier to share files with other people using a multitude of gadgets while a Wi-Fi capable phone can easily get connected to the internet whenever a free wireless connection is available. For professionals, receiving and sending emails are also important means of staying connected. Some newer phones may also offer ways of staying in touch through social networking applications.

Shopping for best cell phones nowdays can be as complicated as navigating a maze due to the many features the modern phone can have packed inside its small package. It therefore depends on the user to choose which features are important and making decisions based on this knowledge. It is only through this conscious effort of decision making that one be sure to purchase the perfect phone.

By Jared E. Ingram

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