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Contract Phones Vs Pay As You Go Phones – Which One Is Better?

16 Jun Contract Phones Vs Pay As You Go Phones – Which One Is Better?

There is always a doubt in the mind of a mobile phone customer as to what to choose between a contract phone and pay as you go phone? Both these mobile schemes have their own advantages and disadvantages and one can prioritize its needs to come up with an effective solution for itself.

After reading this article, we will be able to make an easy decision between the two. To come up with a better decision, it will be nice to know about these mobile phone schemes so that a clear and complete understanding is achieved before coming up with a final verdict.

Let us start with the Contract phone. Contract phone is a result of an agreement between the mobile carrier and the customer. The carrier offers to provide his services for a definite time period in return for a payment and the customer makes the payment to avail such services. A customer is required to pay bills as per his billing statements. This is a good scheme for a customer who wants to retain the mobile number allotted to him for a long period.

In case, you are a customer who has a habit of changing mobile numbers at regular intervals, then you must not go for a contract phone. The contract phone allows you to make calls and stay connected with your family, relatives and collections without paying the bill amount in advance; However, you may be required to pay a security to avail such services. As you make calls, the value keeps on accumulating in your bill and after the end of a billing cycle, usually one month or as per the terms of the contract, you will be required to pay the bill amount to continue the mobile services. You can also avail different schemes for call charges and additional services offered by some of the mobile operators / carriers.

However, you can not discontinue the services even if you are dissatisfied with them without the contract having a remedy for the same.

Now let us have a look at the Pay as you go phone. This type of phone is suitable for all those customers who do not want to retain the mobile number allotted to them for a long period. These phones pose less financial hidden to a mobile customer than the contract phone and are suitable for students. As these phones do not allow making calls beyond the available balance in your mobile account, you can not be burdened financially. These phones do not offer additional services or different call charges schemes, unless stated by the mobile carrier.

A person of any age can get this phone unlike the contract phone, where you need to be of a definite age before applying for a mobile connection. Under this type of scheme, no bills are generated and the available balance with your mobile account keeps on deducting in accordance with the calls made.

Here's a piece of advice – Try a Pay as you go phone to know about the type and quality of services of the mobile carrier and you may then go for a contract phone as the calls charges in the contract phones are lower and you may also be Entitles to a variety of services. Moreover, you can stay connected at all times unlike the pay as you go phones which may fall short when most needed. Make a detailed market survey or even take the suggestions of your friends, relatives and collections to have a better idea about these mobile schemes.

Thus, it can be easily concluded that the challenge between the Contract Phones VS Pay as you go phones will always be there. You just need to understand and prioritize your needs and choose the better one for yourself. After all, some words are best spoken. Start now before it's too late.

By David Boon

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