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Cuban Women – How to Taste the Forbidden Fruit of International Dating

20 Oct Cuban Women – How to Taste the Forbidden Fruit of International Dating

Cuba is an island nation wrapped around rumors, intrigue and the hypnotic pull of a forbidden paradise. The U.S. embargo may have been disastrous on Cuba’s economy but it created a vacuum.

Time has stood still in this tiny country of enormous spirit. The values, traditions and family centered-ness of the Cuban people are exactly those, most of us long for in today’s “modern” world. Family is the focus; love, care and affection run wild and grow everywhere. The unity created from despair has given birth to a unique woman.

The Cuban woman is born on a tropical island with its sensual rhythms, the push and pull of the ocean and caressing Caribbean breezes. Sexiness is as natural to her as breathing. And because of the economic conditions, she has learned to be intelligent, resourceful, appreciative of what really matters and graceful in all she does.

The women of Cuba have become known (by those in the know) to be the most succulent, sought after angels on planet Earth. These women make the perfect companion, friend, lover, mother and wife.

A “Cubanita” as women from Cuba are known, is a savage in the bedroom, or wherever else she takes you to feed her carnal appetite. She is a pristine lady in public, a chef of the highest caliber in the kitchen. A tour de force in her chosen profession and an intoxicating mate at all times. In essence, the vacuum created in Cuba has bred what some may consider to be the ideal woman.

However, the problem for many men has been how to meet and date these exotic creatures.

The Big Challenge

The big challenge is not where to find Cuban women. After all the grand majority of them are all living in the same 110,860 sq km island 90km off the southern most tip of Florida.

The challenge in meeting these women has been a question of how to get right up next to them.

For men from the U.S. the idea of going to Cuba represents a Federal Offense. For men from other countries such as Canada and Australia it is a voyage to a strange, unknown place the media has made out to be an active war zone.

But why should any government or media hype keep you from finding the woman of your dreams? With today’s advances in technology there is little reason to let them.

Tasting The Forbidden Fruit  

Internet access is growing in Cuba, although sometimes via underground means. The spreading of awareness and availability of the online world has led to new a trend in Cuba. Cuban women are now putting up profiles in dating and social networking sites on a daily basis.

You can go to several paid dating sites or free sites such as Facebook and Twitter and find Cuban woman already there. While the number of “Cubanitas” online is not as high as the number of other Latinas, such as Dominican women, Colombian women or Costa Rican women (“Ticas”) online, the quality of the Cuban women with online profiles is second to none!

The first step towards getting yourself all tangled up with one or several of these delicious delights is to get online, set up your own profile and start chatting with the Cuban girls on the sites. Most of these women are career orientated and/or currently studying at the university level.

Cubans can get e-mail accounts in most government post offices; this makes communication even easier once you have met a few ladies on line. Additionally cell phone use, particularly cell phones with chat and text capabilities is also growing in Cuba. Once you start making friends with Cuban women online staying in touch is simple, not like in times past when a call to Cuba was a huge deal.

The next step is setting up actual dates. To do this you must plan a trip. And here you have a few choices.

Contrary to popular belief, Cuban’s can get travel visas. They just can’t get travel visas to countries like the U.S. with any form of ease. But you will find Cuban women who already have travel visas and can visit countries such as Venezuela, Russia and Dominican Republic.

If you are not willing to travel to Cuba you can carefully arrange to meet a special lady friend in a country where she can travel. However the best thing is really for you to go there.

With new regulation being introduced in the U.S. if you are of Cuban descent getting permission to visit Cuba is a reality now. You can go to Cuba, find the woman you want to marry and bring her to the U.S. with a fiancée visa.

If you don’t live in the U.S. then you have every reason and opportunity to get on a plane and start dating face-to-face the sizzling “Cubanitas” you meet online.

If you live in the U.S. and are not of Cuban descent getting to the forbidden island nation will be more difficult. You could apply under a humanitarian visa. There are also reports of U.S. citizens who visit Cuba illegally (illegal in the U.S. not Cuba) by first flying to a country such as Mexico. From there they will take a second flight into Cuba. Because Cuba does not stamp their passport there is no evidence of them having entered the country.

At the end of the day, if you meet Cuban women online you will be filled with the courage and sense of purpose required to actually visit with them, hold them, hug them and kiss them.

Love beyond your borders is waiting; all it takes is a little bit of commitment on your part and a few mouse clicks. May you find the love life you most desire and may nothing hold you back from doing so. 

By Carlos M Duran

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