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Discover The Signs Of A Cheating Boyfriend

13 Jul Discover The Signs Of A Cheating Boyfriend

Suspecting your boyfriend of cheating can wreak havoc on your emotions. Some signs of cheating may have been already noticed but it may be your gut feeling which is telling you that something is wrong. This may be a tough time for you, but you need to recognize the signs that will help you learn how to know if your boyfriends cheating on you, so that you can analyze further, gather evidence, and eventually challenge him and then deal with the situation once and for all in the best possible manner.

Our close relationships can cause heartache and anxiety and also make it difficult to discuss lying and cheating out in the open. People tend to get angry or they become defensive when you bring out the topic of betrayal.

The miserable suspense of not knowing the truth can literally eat your heart out and keep you awake at night. You give your all to the relationship and yet he recently has become more distant with you. He doesn’t call as much as he used to and sometimes when you call him it goes straight to voice mail.

Don’t end making the classic mistake of deciding to confront your boyfriend on a whim. If he is cheating on you, he is already a seasoned liar. He is just going to lie his way out of any corner you try and back him into. He might also turn the tables on you and accuse you of cheating on him. This kind of reverse psychology can leave you with a damaged self-esteem and a lack of trust in yourself and your instincts.

Hiring a private investigator is the last straw but it can be pretty expensive and it takes time. A faster and cheaper alternative is to do a little detective work yourself which will help you either prove or disprove your doubts.

Can you guess who the cheater’s best friend is? It is his cell phone! This is a very good place to start your detective work. When you have a chance you should look through his cell phone logs. Look at his text message logs to see who he has sent texts to. Chances are if he is seeing someone else he will erase those messages right away. If you know your boyfriend uses his cell phone to send lots of text messages and they are gone, then your suspicions might be right.

If your boyfriend never lets his cell phone out of his sight, then that could be a real sign that he is hiding something. You need to do to figure out how and when to get hold of his cell phone without him knowing. Maybe when he is in the shower? Monitor his cell phone and find out who he’s been talking to and who’s been talking to him.

Check the names listed in his address book and see if one of them might belong to another woman that he might be having an affair with. Signs to also look for are just first names without last names or abbreviations. These could be a code to hide the person’s true identity. Doing a reverse phone lookup search can be greatly useful in finding her identity.

By Silvia Smith

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