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Do Children Really Need Mobile Phones?

15 Oct Do Children Really Need Mobile Phones?

More and more, children are carrying around their own mobile phones. They are starting as early as age eight. The sim free mobile phone is an especially popular choice among children. You will see most kids and teens nowdays with either black, blue, multicolor, silver, neon green, yellow, or pink mobile phones. A lot of children think that owning a mobile phone will cause them to appear cool and independent, but what it actually does does keep them safe.

If you are considering buying your child a mobile phone, then you need to make sure that they know what it is to be used for. Let them know that letting the other kids know that they own a mobile phone is just fine, but tell them to let other kids know what it is to be used for as well, this will allow them to also be a positive influence on the other children. Any child will definitely look at their mobile phone as their. Meaning that most children think that they should be able to use their phones any time that they need to. Unfortunately, this sometimes means using it when it is not necessary.

In a lot of cases, a child will want to talk on their phone because of the way that it makes them feel, even if there is a house phone close by that they can use. If you decide to put the responsibility of a mobile phone in your child's hands, then you need to explain to them what the uses will be, and what they will not be. Tell your child that the mobile phone is not for idle chit chat.

There is also a potential danger among children that use a sim free mobile phone and other types of mobile phones. Certain research has noted that the radiation from mobile phones may cause DNA damage, although this has not been confirmed. Some people have stated that the waves that get to the brain can do some damage. It is important to be very cautious about these things.

But the concern for your child's safety should be the first thing on your list. A pink mobile phone would be great for your child, as long as she understands the rules. In today's world, children are killed, kidnapped, and raped all of the time. It is sad, but it is true. The chances for your child are just the same as every other child in the world. They might be right there with you one minute, and then gone the next. The best thing about a sim free mobile phone is that your child can call you if they become lost or something else happens.

If they are at school and have an emergency, all they have to do is call mom, dad, or another relative to come and pick them up. The advantages of giving your child a mobile phone are much higher than the disadvantages. Emotionally, your child will feel much more secure knowing that mom, dad, or both are just a phone call away. You may not know it, but most children are aware of the bad things that can happen.

We all want to give our children the best things. This includes the newest shoes, the latest fashions, mp3 players, and in this case, mobile phones. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to give your child new things so that he or she can feel important and up to date, there is a problem when it starts to cost you more money than what it is worth. It will not be the end of the world if you do not grant your child's every wish. This is something that more and more parents need to consider before making lavish purchases.

Just be aware of your reasons for giving your child a mobile phone. If you are giving your little girl a pink mobile phone just so she can fit in and keep up with the other kids, then you had better be ready for a massive phone bill. If you do decide to get your child a sim free mobile phone, opt to get them a prepaid instead of one with plan. When you insure your child that the phone they are getting is for important phone calls only, they will have the ability to look cool and be responsible at the same exact time.

By Waseem Afzal

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