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Four Options That Allow You To Print Cherished Photos Off Your Used Cell Phone

20 Jun Four Options That Allow You To Print Cherished Photos Off Your Used Cell Phone

One of the more versatile features found on a new, used or refurbished cell phone is the camera. The biggest reason for it is that there is no need to carry two types of equipment that will do the same thing. Plus, newer cell phones can capture the same high quality pictures that you can get with a digital camera. The only issue with using cell phones is getting these pictures from your camera to a place where you can share them with your family members and friends besides using picture-messages. If you want to make hard copies for your family, how can you do so? Here are four simple options that will allow you to move those pictures from a cell phone to your hands.

Option 1 – Email Your Photos To An Email Address

When you’re trying to get your pictures off your phone and onto your computer, consider sending yourself a message to your email address, making sure to attach them to that message. It’s easy to do but not the best option. If you’ve got a lot of pictures, it can become a very tedious task attaching each photo to your message; in time, you’ll become quite annoyed by it. Another problem going with this option is that your cell phone provider may not offer you an unlimited picture-messaging plan for your used cell phone. Send pictures this way and you may find a very huge cell phone bill in your mailbox.

Option 2 – Connect The Computer And Cell Phone Together

Now if you don’t want to email yourself those photos (or you can’t), consider using a USB cord and your computer. The majority of cell phones (not all, mind you) come with a USB cord that will allow you to hook your phone directly to the computer so you can transfer images easily using the software provided by the phone. If your cell phone doesn’t have software and you hook it up to the computer, it may recognize it anyway once it is plugged in. This will give you the ability to transfer your picture files; however, this only works if your used cell phone has a USB port and cord.

Option 3 – Use Bluetooth Wireless

Another option you can use is the Bluetooth Wireless service; your computer and cell phone should have the ability to get the Bluetooth service. From there, you’ll need to allow both devices the ability to send those photos onto your computer.

Option 4 – Photo Booth Kiosks

If you’d rather print off your pictures without transferring them to a computer, you can go to any number of photo booth kiosks seen in many different retails stores such as Target, Wal-mart, etc.  All you need to do is remove the memory card from your refurbished cell phone and insert into the device’s dedicated slot. The kiosk should, without hesitation, recognize photos from your card, displaying them for you to choose which ones you would like to print.

Some refurbished cellular phones have MicroSD cards, currently not yet popular with photo booth kiosks. The majority of used Blackberry phones have this kind of card; however, it’s also seen in other cell phone models. Make sure, that when you buy your phone, it has an SD adapter; this will allow you to attach it to the MicroSD card and the SD card slot. Be sure you bring this adapter with you when you go to photo booth kiosk.

When you take pictures, you’re capturing a moment in time that you want to remember and share with your loved ones. By using these four options above, you can now take all the picture you wish without ever having to worry that you’ll never retrieve them from your used cell phone.

By S. Bradshaw

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