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Free Verizon Phones Online – Where to Find Them

30 Jul Free Verizon Phones Online – Where to Find Them

Verizon Wireless offers to offer some very good cell phones at great prices, but they also tend to offer free Verizon phones for new and continuing customers. Sure, you have to sign up for service in order to get a free Verizon phone, but if you're smart about it, you can find a really great deal and even get some money back from the transaction.

Look for Incentives with Cell Phone Purchases

There are a couple of websites that offer free phones from Verizon and other wireless carriers. In addition, these sites also offer other incentives like cash back, rebates, gift cards, free cell phone accessories, and prepaid Visa cards with your purchase of certain phones and wireless plans.

Getting cash back on your phone purchase is like getting paid to use the phone. A few of the current free phones are the Palm Pre Plus, a Palm Pixi Plus, the Samsung Intensity, and the Droid Eris. Palm Pixi Plus and Droid Eris both have cash back offers attached to them as well. These offers are always for a limited amount of time, but if you keep your eyes open you can often find high end phones for free and with cash back.

Where to Get Free Verizon Phones

You can find free cell phones from websites like LetsTalk, Wirefly, and Amazon. It depends on the phone you are looking for and which service provider you subscribe to. The first two online cell phone retailers are good places to look because in addition to the free Verizon phone (not to mention phones from all other carriers) you can get money back or very good rebates which give you a steal of a deal on your phone Purchase.

Why can You Get Free Verizon Phones

The reason you can find such amazing deals online for Verizon phones is because the websites want to compete for your business in a crowded marketplace. This is a great scenario for consumers because it means that you can often find better deals from other companies than you can find on the official website.

If you look around you can find really good deals on Verizon Wireless phones. There are always hot new phones being offered for free, at very discounted prices, or even with cash back on top of the free phone.

If you're a current Verizon Wireless customers than these free Verizon phone deals are a no-brainer if you are going to continue with the service and get your phone every two years. Verizon is known for having very strong nationwide coverage. And now with all of the new Droid phones that operate on Google's Android platform, you can find hot new deals on these phones like the Droid Eris and the Droid.

If you're looking for a super cheap phone for Verizon, you might even want to try eBay. You will not be able to get cash back or a free phone, but if you are not in a position to extend your wireless service agreement or you lose your phone, you can find a phone that will hold you over for a while.

By Chris M Mccarthy

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