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Great Ways to Minimize the Risks of a 866 Number Scam

10 Jun Great Ways to Minimize the Risks of a 866 Number Scam

Almost all countries have toll-free numbers. As its name suggests, you can use these numbers free of charge. They are also referred to as 866 numbers, and they are typically used by businesses as add-on services. If they need customer support, all they have to do is to key in the specified toll free numbers of the company.

This may sound good, but watch out. Today, there are already a growing number of people who are becoming victims of 866 number scams. Worse, they come in a variety of forms, so it is difficult for you to determine if you're on the road of getting fooled or not.

Neverheless, there are ways on how to minimize the risks. You can start with the following:

1. Use free reverse phone directory. Certain phone directories allow you to search for 866 numbers using their extensive database. These numbers, moreover, have been added by other phone owners like you, so you can also see their feedback. You will be able to determine if the number comes from a well-trusted source or not. Besides, it does not require you to sign up, so you can use it anytime you want to without spending a single dime.

2. Ignore the phone call. Usually, 866 numbers come from companies, especially large ones. So, there's a huge chance that it has a website or an office somewhere within your area. What's more, companies will only call you if it's something important. If the call is really legitimate, expect to get another from the same number anytime.

3. Always check your phone bill. Most of the times phone owners will just take a look at their phone bill extensively if they have to pay a lot. This should not be the case. As a responsible consumer, you should take time to check every number that appears in your phone bill. If there are 866 numbers, they should be clearly identified. The name of the company must be stated. If you are charged without agreeing to a pre-subscription agreement, file a dispute against the company and report it to your service provider. It's the same thing if no one talked to you about such terms and conditions.

4. Do not divulge any information. If someone calls you using any of the 866 numbers and is asking for more personal data, make sure that you give that information out. That's how these scammers can access your personal records and obtain confidential information such as your Social Security numbers, home and even office address, and other contact numbers. In fact, you can be a potential victim of identity theft if you do this. If someone is calling you from a toll free number, find out who they really are with a free 866 number number lookup .

By Jerry Fitzgerald

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