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How a Property Investor Can Avoid Bankruptcy

30 Jun How a Property Investor Can Avoid Bankruptcy

If you're in the property game, things have changed and if your primary strategy was trading or buying and selling for profit, then you could be stuck with some properties where the rent received may not cover the outgoings.

Okay, so what do you do next?

1. Make sure your properties are rented. If they need a little bit of work, then do the work and start receiving an income from them to go towards your mortgage payments. Interest payments have come down, and could continue to come down, and the achievable rent versus mortgage interest could have improved considerably in your favor,

2. Make sure your properties stay rented. Find out exactly where things are in terms of when the tenancy agreement ends, what are your plans or those of your agent to ensure that the property holds empty for as short a period as possible, if at all.

Market your property to the best of your ability, signs, newspaper ads, online forums, and letting websites, many of which are free help to rent your property very quickly.

3. Establish a plan going forward. How much is coming in, and how much is going out and what are you going to do about it? What's your desired outcome?

For a lot of investors in my opinion the best option is to figure another way to generate a lot of cash. For many of us selling is not really an option right now because of the joys of negative equity, and even if you did not have negative equity, it could take God knows how long to sell. So the way forward is to plan to pay down the debt, first to break even, where your rents received cover interest payments, then so you're in profit, and finally until the entire debt is repaid.

Imagine how good that would feel to have no debt, its all just positive cashflow accruing to you each month. This means coming up with a big vision of what is possible for you, but as the age old phrase goes, whatever you can conceive, and believe you can achieve – so just do it!

Most of you have done it before, made a lot of money that is, with property as your vehicle, so decide to do it again with a different vehicle. Currently, we are surrounded by opportunity and its primaries because the majority of the population is walking around with their heads down, as a result of listening to too much negative press and media.

There are phenomenal opportunities right now in the fields of network marketing, internet marketing and endless other industries.

4. Speak with your bank or lender. Let them know where you are with things, and most importantly what you're doing and what your plan is. The truth is they're in a tremendously weak position too. Right now for them as well as everyone else it is extremely important for them to protect their income, that is your monthly or quarterly payments to them.

If you go bust, you're not going to pay them any more money – they do not want that. So, return their calls, meet with them every once in a while and remember that the only way to become great is by going into the storm.

Good luck, I know you will do it!

By Gary John McGeown

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