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How to Choose a Cell Phone Plan for a Family

26 May How to Choose a Cell Phone Plan for a Family

Choosing a cell phone plan for an entire family is no easy task, however it can be easier if you know what you are looking for. The following information will help you decide the best cellular phone plan for your family.

Number of Phone Lines

You will first need to decide how many phone lines you will need. Some companies require at least two or three phones for it to be considered a family plan and then there are some companies that have a limit on the number of lines you may have for it to be a family plan. If you have an exceptionally large family you might need a business plan to accomodate everyone! Once you know the number of phone lines you will need then you can start researching the cell phone companies to see which ones will offer you the best deal. Prices go up with each additional line, but some phone companies have really great rates while others do not.

Types of Phones

With each new line you will likely be able to get discounted phones. That is if you choose to sign a contract. You will want to look at the phones available and make sure there are phones the whole family will like. Most phone companies have a great selection, but just to be on the safe side it's best to check out the selection before signing up. You may want to see what kind of cellular phone accessories are offered as well so you can see if that is the company you want to go with. Or else you can check out the accessories to see if you can find any cheap cell phone accessories thatwhere you will go with the phone you are interested in buying.

Minutes / Messages

Now, the most important part is how many shared minutes and messages are part of the plan. You want to make sure you get a plan big enough to handle your family's cell phone usage because if you do not then you will pay more in the long run with over the limit charges that are significantly more than you would pay if you just had A larger package. So, make a good choice up front and your family will really enjoy the family cell phone plan.

By Natalie Aranda

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