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How to Find a Lost Bluetooth Headset

04 Feb How to Find a Lost Bluetooth Headset

The current small size of Bluetooth headsets has led to many people losing theirs. Because of this, I have taken the time to write an article on how to find your Bluetooth headset once you lose it. While these tactics won’t always work, they are still a great way to improve the odds that you will find the headset sooner rather than later.

First, you should check the places where it could get destroyed if it ends up being there. This includes anywhere that gets a regular water flow. For instance, if you might have dropped it on your front lawn, you should check before the sprinklers go off. Even if the odds are small, it can help to check these places first.

After these are out of the picture, your next best bet is to check the places with the highest probability of having it. These will be the places that you spend the most time. So, go to each of these places and search all around them. Don’t forget the chance that it may have rolled after you set it down. It could have rolled into a corner or somewhere you wouldn’t expect it to be. If you check there, you can increase the odds of finding it.

If it isn’t in any of these places, then things have gotten trickier. Don’t lose hope. There is still a chance that you will be able to find it. You just need to think outside of the box a little. Remember, these things plug into your ear. That means it could have fallen out anywhere that you have been. So, retrace your steps and look for where it might have fallen.

It also helps to call your own phone. You can pick up on the phone and transfer things to your blue tooth. Then you can yell into the phone you called from and maybe you will be able to hear yourself through the Bluetooth device. This plan works a lot better when you have two people to help, one to yell from somewhere else, and another person to listen for the yelling through the Bluetooth.

If all of these ideas yield no results, then things might start looking pretty bleak. This can be very sad because you have spent so much money on the Bluetooth and it’s never fun to lose something that is worth money.

So, I recommend meditating. Meditation is a great way to access parts of your mind that you don’t usually access. Your subconscious might have figured out where the Bluetooth is. You just need to access that part of yourself so that you can gain that information. So, clear your mind and start meditating.

I hope one of these ideas will lead you to your lost item. I know how frustrating it can be to lose something. I hope that you are already on your way to finding it. Remember, once you give up and buy a new one, the time for searching isn’t as important.

By Kathryn J Blanchett

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