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How to Get a Free Evo 4G Phone

27 Aug How to Get a Free Evo 4G Phone

HTC and Sprint have teamed up to bring the next "iPhone killer" and it's known as the Evo 4G. The Evo 4G is an excellent smartphone that is loaded with features and runs on the popular Android operating system. What if you could get one of these phones for free and with no contract required?

Sounds like a great deal, does not it?

First, let's take a look at some of the exciting features on this phone. If you ever get a chance to see or hold one of these, the first thing people notice is that it's big. This phone has the largest screen of any smartphone on the market today and it has an incredible display.

Another great feature is that the phone has a rear and front facing camera. This allows you to use video chat if you are calling someone else that also has this phone.

This phone also has a multitasking manager so that you can easily and quickly switch apps. In addition the Evo actually has a kickstand. That's right, you can stand your phone on a table or desk so that you can watch a video hands free. Very cool.

So this article is "how to get a free Evo 4G". As of the last couple of days, several companies have began to offer these phones for free by simply signing up for their email list and then completing a specific number of offers. The offers are similar to those offered on the iPhone such as free credit checks, trial offers, and free magazine subscriptions.

What you need to do is seek out an offer and give them your email address and mailing address so they know where to send the phone. Once you've filled out the information then wait for a confirmation email so they know you're real and you want to participate. Once you've received the email, confirm it and visit the company's website to see all the great free offers they have for you to try. Once you've completed the number of required trials then you will get your phone.

Its' really that simple.

Find an offer for a free Evo 4G and give this phone a try.

By Mason Russell

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