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How to Get Free Broadband (High-Speed) Internet Service

28 Jul How to Get Free Broadband (High-Speed) Internet Service

Right now, 89% of US households are capable of getting broadband service. That number is only increasing.

Now, there is a way that you can get free high-speed Internet service and come out ahead with extra money in your pocket …

You can take it out of your phone bill.

Are you thinking "Huh"?

Let me explain …

Most people are paying too much for their phone service. Add to that the cost of dial-up Internet service, and many people pay almost $ 100 monthly in phone expenses!

You actually can eliminate the phone company, have better phone service, gain high-speed Internet service and have money left over.

They way to do this is simple: Get high-speed Internet from the cable company and then digital phone service from a VoIP provider.

Do not bite on the cable company's offer for inexpensive phone service with their package. Go for the special TV rate or something else.

Your total bill for the broadband plus digital phone should be less than what you now pay. This way you'll gain the broadband Internet service free.

Digital phone service or VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) is a way of eliminating the old phone company. That's because the phone signal goes through the Internet instead of the old phone wires and switching stations.

You can use the phones you now own and do not have to be at your computer with a headset on.

Most digital phone plans offer every feature imaginable, including long distance at no additional cost. The basic phone rates are low and there are very few taxes.

There is more information including a checklist for selecting a digital phone provider on our web site.

Digital phone service also works over DSL. Since DSL works through the local phone lines, you will not be able to completely eliminate using the old phone company.

With DSL, you could eliminate the long distance plan now have. In this case, your digital phone number would have to be an additional one to your home. You could still gain the other benefits of digital phone service, and add a phone line this way.

In this scenario, you would have your DSL (with local phone service by default), then use your digital phone line for all you long distance calls. You should still save money while gaining broadband service and an additional phone line. This savings will be less than if you used cable for your Internet.

With DSL for your VoIP broadband, you can easily use several phone handsets through the digital system in your home. This is easy to set up. Just plug a handset base into the small box that you receive when you get the digital phone service. Your computer plugs in there also. Then you can operate several portable handsets from that base.

If you have cable broadband and do not use them for local phone service, then you can easily use the existing phone wiring and phones that are in your home right now for all your digital calls.

You'll have the best savings and greatest simplification by using cable for your broadband and NOT using them for you phone service- use a separate digital phone provider.

In the past, 911 service was an issue with digital phone service. That has been resolved with the E911 database. This growing database links your digital phone number to your address. Only responsible digital phone providers will sell service to customers in the E911 coverage area. Soon, this will not be a problem, as E911 will cover the entire United States.

If you visit our site, we can recommend a responsible VoIP provider.

In addition, a few digital phone networks are capable of using video phones. Imagine being able to see the face of the person you are talking to in real-time across the globe!

There is also information about that on our site.

This is a great strategy to gain services and features and save money.

For more information about saving money, shopping for digital phone or video phone services, be sure to visit our site.

By Paul Myers

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