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How to Have Secure Cell Phone Conversations

18 Apr How to Have Secure Cell Phone Conversations

The best cell phone encryption software passes highly advanced security tests performed by both civil and governmental experts, and is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

Key Features:

Ultra-Strong Encryption Software

Dual Layered RSA / AES Military Grade Encryption: strong encryption key (RSA asymmetric encryption) plus a 256-bit session key which replaces the encryption every second

End-to-end encryption (ciphered communication between two devices).

No additional hardware required (software-only backdoor-free solution)

Implemented on regular mobile phones and GSM cellular networks with circuit-switched data

Full Duplex communications (versus the "push-to-talk" of the half duplex version)

Text Messaging Encryption While In Secure Calls:

Superior Audio Quality

Ultra Low Latency

Support Of Commercial Cellular Phones.

The Encryption Process Is Not Perceived By Third Parties

These are smart phones with ultra strong encryption software

The user is not prevented from updating the cell phone firmware or operating system

The cell phones keep all their original features and functions

One mobile phone for both regular and secure calls

The best ultra strong cell phone encryption software offers the safest and most efficient solution to keep your sensitive cellular conversations and text messages secure from eavesdropping.

It also combines the highest grade of encryption software available with the most popular phones like the Nokia brand.

Conduct business and / or personal conversations without worry. We are offering two secure cell phones, one for you and the other for your partner. Never worry again about big brother listening in on your private conversations

Did you know that cellular communications can be intercepted?

Can you afford losing your most valuable secrets to competitors or even criminals?

Do third parties depend on your ability to keep your information private?

Sensitive information shared through cell phone conversations can be targeted by illegal surveillance activities.

By Monty Henry

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