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How to Lookup a Person’s Cell Phone Number (Not Reverse Search!)

19 Aug How to Lookup a Person’s Cell Phone Number (Not Reverse Search!)

Looking up a person’s cell phone number can be quite difficult and even expensive in some cases. A quick search online for a reliable cell phone directory will most likely lead you to either a “reverse phone search directory” or expensive private investigation services that offers cell phone records.

A “reverse phone directory” is a search engine where you can search by phone number to find the billing name and address along with other information regarding the cellular service provider and account details.

Private investigators that offer cell phone number records can be ridiculously spendy. These cell phone number reports can even take up to a week to receive by email. I have seen some sites offering a single “cell phone number lookup” report for $179!

There are cheaper and more reliable ways to find a person’s cell phone number that not many people know about. The reason is because cell phone numbers are confidential and protected by law. Cellular number directories are illegal for the most part and the only legitimate cell phone number directories have been restricted to law enforcement and licensed investigators.

Although cellular phone numbers are still protected by law, there are private cell phone directories that are completely legal. This is because the information is compiled, research and maintained by private data brokers which charge a small fee for their service. This is the same system that many expensive private investigators use to lookup cell phone numbers.

It is easier to find a reverse cell phone number directory than a cell phone directory where you lookup cell phone numbers by name.

The best phone directories are ones that not only can you lookup unlisted and cell phone records, but you also get access to a national public records database which includes; court records, marriage and divorce records, police and criminal records, bankruptcy records, property records, and other revealing information which can be used for accurate and instant background checks.

The National Registry of Cellular Phone Numbers, or NRCPN is a fairly new cellular phone number directory that has recently opened to the public. The cell phone registry is one of the only legal sites where you can instantly lookup people’s cell phone numbers in the United States and Canada. You can also reverse search phone numbers to lookup owner information conveniently at the same place.

By Gary P. Thompson

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