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How to Text Message to Advertised Short Code Numbers Using US Cellular Motorola Cell Phone MotoRazr2

24 Oct How to Text Message to Advertised Short Code Numbers Using US Cellular Motorola Cell Phone MotoRazr2

Have you ever heard on the radio, or heard on store speakers, or seen an advertisement , telling you to “Text Biz to 82222” or to text some other word, to some other number, like you may have heard a lot of people did with the “American Idol Voting” a few years back?  Have you ever been tempted to “Text” a recommended “word” to a recommended “Short Code” just to see what happens?  Have you ever tried to use a “Motorola MotoRazr2” cell phone to “Text to a Code” and got stuck on “How Do I Do That?”  If you want to know more about “How To Text to Codes with a “Motorola Razr2,” some of the things you can get when you “Text to Short Codes,” and more about “Short Codes,” I invite and encourage you to read on.

I can tell you how it is done, because the funny thing is, that when I went to try to text “Biz” to “82222” as the advertisement instructed me to do, I had no idea how to do it.  Like most people, regular “Texting” seems easy and happens all of the time, but “Texting to Short Code” is still new to a lot of people, including me, so I went on a mission to find out how.  I did find out how and wanted to share how to “Text to Code” with others.  Below is what I found:

My local US Cellular store is where I started looking for information on how to “Text to Code.”  They had no idea how to “Send a Text to Short Code”.  They did give me the toll free number for Tech Support.  So, I called that number and they could not tell me how to do it either.  While I was on the land line phone with them, and messing around with my Cell Phone, I did accidentally stumble on how to do it.  If anyone else is having the same challenges that I had in “Texting to Short Code,”, following is the solution for how to “Text to Short Code using a US Cellular Motorola MotoRazr2.”

Please note that these instructions are not intended to offend anyone by being too simple for some people, but I wanted to make sure that “Newbies” and experienced, seasoned, “Texters” alike could follow the instructions.

Also, since “Biz Calling Cards” is having a “Grand Opening Launch Party” in Irvine, California, I decided to use them for an example of a “tested and working code” for practice purposes. Of course, if you are available and in the area, you’re certainly welcome to attend the party too.  (No obligation)

Let’s get to “Texting to Short Code” now:

  • Press Your “Menu Button” on your phone (The Center Button)
  • Arrow To Your: “Messaging Center” (Envelope Icon)
  • Press Your Right Top Keypad Button for:  “Select”
  • Arrow To: “Create Message”
  • Press Your “Menu Button” (Center Button)
  • Type your text message (Example: Biz) Note: These words are not usually case sensitive, so it does not matter if you type upper or lower case letters. If you happen to get numbers instead of the alphabet here, you can press your “CLR” key to backspace to erase. In order to change your keypad, from making “numbers” to making “alphabet characters”, you just press your “*” key. Now try to text in the word you want to type.  Example: You would have to press the number “2” key twice, to get to the letter “B”. Give your cell phone a couple of seconds, to recognize that the letter “B” is the letter you wanted before you find the next letter you want. Sometimes your cell phone will try to guess what word you are trying to spell. Good thing for us “Newbie Texters,” that companies and brands keep the words relatively short in order to text to their Short Code Numbers.
  • After you have your word typed in, Push Your Right Top Keypad Button for: “Send To”
  • Your “Contact List” will come up.
  • At Contacts: Arrow Scroll Up or Down to “Voice Mail” (Whichever is closest. On long contact lists, closest is by scrolling up).
  • Push Your Left Keypad Button for: “Options”
  • Arrow Down To: “Enter Number
  • Press Your Menu (Center Button)
  • Type: Short Code Number (Example: 82222)
  • Press Keypad Top Right Button for: OK
  • Push Keypad Green Button to Dial and Send
  • Close the phone.
  • Wait for Return Text Message Call Offer
  • Press Keypad Top Left Button to: Read Your Message, offer, or coupon.
  • Have fun with it.

I had no idea it would be so challenging to find out how to text to Short Code with my carrier and phone, nor how many steps it actually did take to do it, but a couple of times of doing it, and now it’s simple.  Apparently “Texting to Short Code” is much different than just regular “Texting,” which is what one of the hot technology trends are today.

Anyone who wishes to stop receiving text messages from a company they have “Texted a Short Code” to, only needs to:

  • Text the word “Stop” to the same “Short Code” number.
  • If you can not remember the Short Code number,
  • Go to your “Message Center”
  • Go to your  “Message In Box”
  • Go to the “Message” you received from the company
  • Scroll down to the end of the message
  • Select “Options”
  • Select “Reply”
  • Type in “Stop”
  • Send

To find out more information about Short Codes, or to look up Company Short Codes, there are (2) directories on line that provide this kind of information. They are:

  • and

With the first link above, “usshortcodes”, people can go to their “Official CSC Directory” and under option “3″, search brands by the beginning letter of the Company or Brand’s name.

There are some pretty cool codes out there.  Companies have come up with fun and creative ways to use Short Code that can be beneficial to consumers in coupon offerings, event tickets, games, and all kinds of neat stuff.  There is a plethora of information on-line regarding SMS Mobile Text Messaging and Short Codes.  I hope the information on “How To Text Message to Advertised Short Code Numbers Using US Cellular Motorola Cell Phone MotoRazr2” has been beneficial to those who would like to participate in Text to Short Code company offerings.  If you do not have a Motorola MotoRazr2, and still would like to participate in “Texting to Short Code”, please contact the company you got the phone from, or ask a friend who has a similar phone how to do it, or just go to “Google” and search for your phone type and how to “Text to Short Code”.

Happy Texting

By Elaine Knudsen

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