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How to unlock your iPod if you forgot your password

13 Jul How to unlock your iPod if you forgot your password

Quite a few of people lock their iPod (nano, touch, common etc..), and sad to say fail to remember the password. This difficulty occurs a great deal!

Very first We have to recognize what this password (that stands from 4 digits) locks ?       It only locks consumers out of the person interface. It does not encrypt details on your iPod. So you join your iPod to a personal computer, you can be in a position to control songs on your iPod with iTunes and get obtain to all your details these kinds of as , contacts, notes, or any other data files you have on your iPod.

But just before, I would like to critique a extremely vital software program that will backup your iPod. The best way to stay clear of details decline is to make a backup for your iPod from time to time. I would recommend you this software program (that I have linked) to backup and transfer your details from your iPod to Computer personal computer or to your notebook.

Fortuitously, this difficulty is very easily solved, Very first join the iPod to the primary personal computer utilised (the very first a single iPod synced with), and open up iTunes. Right after disconnecting your iPod from the personal computer, it will no more time be locked.

There is another way much too, you can join your iPod and restore it to manufacturing facility configurations, (sad to say this erases all your details from your ipod).

One more way to unlock the iPod when you forgot your password (the 4 digits) is to join it to the personal computer and perspective it in My Personal computer. Make certain you can perspective concealed data files and go to folders, ipod command and then machine and delete the file named _locked.

For Mac consumers and who want to see the concealed data files in finder:

In the Terminal form:

defaults compose AppleShowAllFiles Correct
killall Finder

In Summary

From the link Noggin posted I was in a position to unlock my iPod:

Right here is some quick clarification:
one. Hook up iPod to your personal computer, it have to be the same a single you utilised the very first time to sync your iPod.
2. open up iTunes.
3. disconnect iPod from the personal computer
4. It ought to no more time be locked.
5. Modify the 4 digit passcode

If this won’t perform you will have to restore it back to manufacturing facility configurations:

one. Make a backup, the restore system will delete all your songs and data files!
2. Hook up your iPod to the personal computer and wait around until finally your itunes detects it.
3. Click the restore button and comply with the recommendations.
* I have never completed the restore system so I can not help you even further…

By salim ha

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