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Human Pheromone Reviews – The Scent of Eros

03 Mar Human Pheromone Reviews – The Scent of Eros

Are you confused after reading countless reviews on human pheromones, in a vain attempt to determine which attractant pheromones work the best? Or which work at all? If so, hopefully I can steer you in the right direction.

Three months ago I conducted my own experiment. An empirical pheromone review, if you will, in which I tested the top ten pheromone products on the market and documented my testing results. The empirical method is one of the most direct and to the point methods of evaluation. In other words, I tried the stuff, and documented whether or not others responded to it.

Why? I conducted this pheromone review method because the truth of the matter is, that scientific research in this field is still in its infancy, there is no true solid “evidence” that positively comes to a conclusion one way or another! The true analysis one can derive from existing clinical studies on attractant pheromones is, that they “don’t know” exactly how humans are affected by pheromones, they currently have sound theories regarding the matter, but not solid scientific proof.

For reasons of brevity I will not go into all ten products contained in my human pheromone reviews, but I will address the top pheromone product, the Scent of Eros.

The Scent of Eros is produced by Stone Independent Research, in collaboration with James Vaughn Kohl the author of the book by the same name. The Scent of Eros fragrance line is one of the oldest in the pheromone industry, they have been in business since the beginning of it all!

I ordered ten small gel packs of the Scent of Eros for my testing method, and applied a full gel pack, as you would an aftershave product, during the given testing periods.

The smell of the Scent of Eros is very pleasant, both pleasing to the wearer and to others around the wearer. The pheromone product drys very quickly as if you had applied a moisturizer, and seems to last from anywhere between 6-8 hours.

The responses I observed while wearing the Scent of Eros were always very positive, from males and females alike, which is definitely worth mentioning. This attractant pheromone is designed to “enhance ones natural appeal,” with the affect of making those around the wearer noticeably more “friendly” and “chatty.” It is a perfectly safe product to wear in the workplace, as the smell is pleasant, and the overall affects are more conducive to an office environment, so long as you are OK with more attention, as you will get “noticed.”

I quickly observed a prime example of the Scent of Eros’ effectiveness during a one-on-one sales meeting I had with the purchasing manager at another company. I met in her office to negotiate a new contract on behalf of my employer. This purchasing manager is in her mid to late twenties, married, quite attractive, and is very energetic and quick witted.

Prior to walking into the meeting I had applied a Scent of Eros gel pack. I was not able to observe any response from this manager until after about 2-3 minutes had passed..and then it clearly hit her.

This fast talking quick witted purchasing manager, become noticeably more relaxed, at ease, and friendly with me. She also responded by slowing down in her speech and volume, she started was speaking very quietly, which is not her normal behavior while negotiating a contract!

As time went on during this meeting I observed her leaning forward in her chair towards me, with intense interest in what I had to say. Amusingly, she was not nearly as quick witted as normal, she seemed to become more, “distracted,” unable to find paper work she had misplaced on her desk, nor remember what she had just said in regards to the business we were discussing. In short, she was completely relaxed, at ease, and distracted from the business at hand, behavior which for her, is completely “out of character!”

As I had to utilize my laptop computer for information during this meeting, I kept noticing out of the corner of my eye that this young lady was intensely staring at me, at my facial area, as I looked down at my computer. She clearly did not think I noticed her looking at me, as she would look away when I looked up from my screen.

The day in which these results were observed, I had only used the Scent of Eros attractant pheromone, and no other products. As I would soon learn these results would become rather typical, with certain pheromone products.

It is important to mention that during my real life testing, I purposely attempted to remain neutral in my behavior, so as not to skew the results. In short, if a person shows interest, I would show none in return, I would be mister all business. This method allowed me to determine that it was in fact the purchasing manager’s behavior that changed, and not my own, with the only wild card factor being that of The Scent of Eros in this particular case.

In closing, while conducting my various human pheromone reviews, I really don’t know how these products do the voodoo they do, but I do know what I am able to observe and document.

By Kyle Macrannell

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