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Impact of Mobile Phones in the Present Era

14 Nov Impact of Mobile Phones in the Present Era

Mobile phones have a phenomenal impact on users world-wide, so much so that they have become indispensable. Their ingenuity was an integral part since their inception. The cellular phone business is today a multi-billion dollar industry with mind boggling profit margins. Little did we know when telephones were first introduced, that they were set to embark on a revolution like never before? Although they made their foray a decade ago, the impact they have on the masses is incredible. It gets you thinking, if it is the technology or the resourcefulness which makes them so indispensable.

There are many brands available in India and most popular among them are Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and LG mobiles. This industry is immensely popular and despite being a third world nation, India is one of the leading mobile phone users in the world.

How – The Function:

It may mean different things to different people. Technically they are two way radios, quite similar to the time honored walkie-talkies. Mobiles are much advanced and diligent as compared to the earlier devices. The basic principle involved, is the conversion of sound waves into radio waves and vice versa.


Phones have impacted our lives to such an extent that it is not merely restricted to the elite but is also one of the most common gadgets owned by almost every individual. So what has added to their rising popularity? Is it the standard voice function or much more than that? The voice function is only one of the enticing features and mobile phones have features like texting, voice calls, internet browsing, music playback, multimedia features and a host of other user friendly options embedded in the handset which adds to its durability. Besides, camcorders, ring tones, games, radio, push to talk (PTT), infrared and Bluetooth connectivity are the features that add to their rising popularity.

In Business:

Advancement in technology has made possible, the usage in fields like business and internet marketing. Smartphones are the most ideal forms of business phones which not only ease communication but also enhance business communication and work related tasks and transactions. Scheduling interviews, appointments, sending e-mails, developing business contacts and having access to work related documents and contacts, while you are on the go are a few aspects of business phones that add to their permanence. Palm Treo smart phones are business handsets with simple user interface which adds to their appeal. Smartphones, windows mobiles and blackberry, rule the roost and are amongst the best known business phones.

In Communication:

The most basic phones which fall in the highly affordable bracket are a boon for communication. Not only are they handy and affordable but their versatility makes them all the more appealing. Many service providers offer user friendly options that make communication with friends and colleague’s all the more simple and hassle free.

For The Youth:

The popularity of social networking is on a rise and what better way to make mobiles more appealing to the younger generation than to integrate social networking options in a handset. Advanced mobile phones from Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson, have an edge over the rest of the handsets as they are well equipped for social networking in addition to other features like MP3s, memo recording, multimedia features, games and connectivity options.

Its popularity is on a constant rise and in most countries; cellular phones outnumber land-line phones, and in some markets from Japan and South Korea, there are customers as young as 6 and 7.

In Our Society:

Mobile phones have carved a prominent niche as well, more so in recent times, with the ever-growing importance for effective communication. A busy schedule may interfere with good communication but technology has solved that problem for most of us, and interacting with friends is so much easier with the recent developments in the telecommunication industry. Traditional modes of communication however, have taken a backseat with technological progress.

Mobile phones have impacted the present era phenomenally and handsets that offer entertainment, internet options, email facility and social networking facilities are a boon for mobile technology aficionados. The internet enabled services incorporated in mobile phones have helped mobile phones replace PDA, Computer, laptop, tablet and other high tech gadgets. Camera phones have, to a certain extent, replaced the mid range digital cameras and with progress in technology; they are bound to find a more prominent place. Technology never tires of up gradation which is a positive aspect, as mobile phones and the embedded technologies will continue to improve in the years to come, adding to the rising popularity of cellular phones.

By Amrith K. A

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