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Individual Cell Phone Plans

21 Jul Individual Cell Phone Plans

There are many cell phone plans offered by cellular operators in America like AT&T, Sprint PCS, Verizon Wireless, Cingular Wireless, T-Mobile, and so on. To choose or not to choose an individual cell phone plan is totally dependent on the needs of an individual.

The first thing to look for in an individual cell phone plan is to know exactly what you are looking for regarding your personal usage. Is it to mainly receive calls or do you intend to make many calls? This will determine whether you should go in for a pre-paid connection or for billing plans.

Pre-paid plans are best for those who mostly receive calls. If you intend to make a lot of calls, a pre-paid plan can end up being extremely expensive since call and SMS rates for pre-paid calls are higher than billing plans. However, billing has a disadvantage over pre-paid, as it involves a lot of charges and fees. One will also need to sign a contract for using the plan for a specified amount of time.

The other factor to be kept in mind while going in for an individual cell phone plan is the type of calls that are expected to be made with the cell phone. Will there be more local, national or international calls?

Then one needs to check out the type of phone one is getting. Do you want added features like a camera or MP3 player? Cellular companies bundle other promotional offers like a free cellular phone or phone with camera, etc. Often one can get free accessories for the phone like a car charger or a data cable to connect with a computer.

Every cellular phone company’s plan includes price, promotional offers, and free minutes. Depending upon one’s individual usage, one can find a number of cellular plans. However, individual cell phone plans are good for those who do not have a family. With family members, one can opt for a family wireless plan wherein the family members pay less for making calls.

By Max Bellamy

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