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Integrated Mobile Phone, Tv & High Speed Broadband Internet Services For Expats In Singapore

07 Jul Integrated Mobile Phone, Tv & High Speed Broadband Internet Services For Expats In Singapore

Relocation to a new country can be a difficult and sometimes even stressful affair for foreigners and expats alike. Some basic things to consider would be housing and accommodations, transportation, getting a new bank account and finding the best schools to send your children to. Most importantly, you will need to be “connected” online for all your mobile, internet, telecommunication and home entertainment needs.

To get things started, you will require:

• A reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) offering high speed internet broadband connection for your home.
• A high speed mobile broadband data plan ensuring that you remain connected while on the go.
• A home and mobile phone operator or phone Telco.
• A cable TV operator for your home entertainment needs offering a selection of different local and international TV channels and programs.

To avoid the hassle and inconvenience, insist on a single Telco operator that offers shorter contracts, exclusive deals and savings to foreigners and expats based in Singapore. It is also advisable to engage with a single telco that can offer an “All in One” integrated solution to cater to your every need such as mobile phone deals, home phone line connection, high speed internet, broadband on mobile and a wide selection of cable television channels to choose from.

What to look for in a Telco operator & Internet Service Provider in Singapore?

Good Network of Local & International phone coverage Find a local Singapore phone operator or Telco that provides shorter contracts to expats. Expats and foreigners can enjoy savings with local and international coverage on home phone lines and mobile phones plans. Keeping in touch with friends and family abroad from Singapore is now made easier with an integrated home and mobile phone plan.

Unlimited High Speed Broadband anytime and anywhere

To enjoy mobile broadband on the go, sign up for a high speed internet broadband on mobile plan to stay connected anywhere you go. Subscribing to an unlimited high speed broadband on mobile plan with shorter contracts allows for high speed island-wide Internet access on your laptop, mobile phone or mobile device.

Mobile phone and Mobile Broadband Integration
For greater convenience, integrate both your mobile phone and broadband on mobile plans to ensure that you get the best of both worlds in one complete “All in One” package from your local mobile service provider and telco. Ensure you only sign up with a reputable Singapore mobile phone and internet services provider to achieve high speed broadband internet access with good local and international mobile phone network coverage in Singapore.

All in One Package for the home
Source for a reliable broadband, phone and cable TV operator offering shorter contracts and an integrated “All in One” one home package. Enjoy dedicated broadband internet access, clear local and international phone calls on your home landline and a selection of local and international cable TV channels to choose from.

By Charles Narwin

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