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Inventory Auto Insider – July 3rd Problem

26 Apr Inventory Auto Insider – July 3rd Problem

Future Events in the Earth of NASCAR

Upcoming 7 days, the NASCAR   Nextel  Cup teams head will provide their twister like speeds to the windy city of Chicago. Chicagoland Speedway is a young NASCAR track still coming into it is really very own. NASCAR has been hosting  Nextel  Cup races at Chicagoland given that 2001 with the hopes of capitalizing on the die-hard auto racing admirers of the midwest in the 3rd greatest media market place in the US. So much, the original gamble has paid of.

Of all recent drivers with 4 or much more occupation begins at Chicagoland, Jimmie Johnson (average complete of 3rd) potential customers the pack.

Also anticipate the adhering to drivers to do nicely upcoming 7 days:

Other drivers to take note:

Tony Stewart – Common End 8th

Matt Kenseth – Common End 9th

Kevin Harvick – Common End tenth

Upcoming Week’s Plan:

 Nextel  Cup: @ Chicagoland Speedway

seven/08/06 – ten:35pm NASCAR  Nextel  Cup USG SHEETROCK® 400 Exercise

seven/07/06 – 04:35pm NASCAR  Nextel  Cup USG SHEETROCK® 400 Qualifying

seven/09/06 – 02:35pm NASCAR  Nextel  USG SHEETROCK® 400

Busch Sequence: @ Chicagoland Speedway Speedway

seven/07/06 – 05:10pm NASCAR Busch Sequence USG DUROCK® 300 Exercise

seven/08/06 – eleven:40pm NASCAR Busch Sequence USG DUROCK® 300 Qualifying

seven/08/06 – 03:05pm NASCAR Busch Sequence USG DUROCK® 300

Craftsman Truck Sequence: @ Kentucky Speedway

seven/07/06 – TBA NASCAR Craftsman Truck Sequence Built Ford Tricky 225 Offered by
The Bigger Cincinnati Ford Dealers Exercise

seven/08/06 – 04:30pm NASCAR Craftsman Truck Sequence Built Ford Tricky 225 Offered by
The Bigger Cincinnati Ford Dealers Qualifying

seven/08/06 – 08:00pm NASCAR Craftsman Truck Sequence Built Ford Tricky 225 Offered by
The Bigger Cincinnati Ford Dealers

Who’s Hot?

Who’s Hot? Clearly, we could devote this whole portion to Tony Stewart who, if you recall, produced our Who’s Not portion previous 7 days. However, there have been other drivers at Daytona who also turned our heads. At any time hear of Boris Stated?

For individuals of you faithful admirers who depart the Tv on in the course of a road program race, I’m sure you’ve recognised about Boris for several a long time. He is a road program gun slinging ace who’s constantly for employ the service of whenever a road program race will come to town. This yr, nonetheless, he’s no extended for employ the service of. By means of a deal Boris labored out with Roush Racing, he can subject his very own staff utilizing Roush tools and technical support in trade for instruction drivers like Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth, and Greg Biffle on the finer details of road racing.

In a auto that Greg Biffle raced in this year’s Budweiser Shootout, Boris not only qualified for the race, but he took the pole! This is just, jaw-droppingly incredible thinking of Boris has never sat at the rear of the wheel of a restrictor plate auto. What is actually even much more incredible is that by utilizing the exact same go for broke angle that he’s constantly utilized at road programs, Boris found himself out entrance followed by Tony with only a handful of laps to remaining in the Pepsi 400. That is when NASCAR’s pretty very own testosterone fueled variation of Standard Healthcare facility started to play out.

As you remember in the course of previous week’s Dodge/SaveMart 350, a compact attraction shaped in between Boris Stated and Tony Stewart. Justification me for understating the like in between these two drivers. NASCAR drivers convey their like in oh so lots of means. Observing Boris and Tony’s mating dance is sort of like watching tigers mate in the jungle. There is certainly a whole good deal of beating, banging, swearing, and finger waving.

In the close, Boris succumbed to Tony’s advance with only a handful of laps remaining, and finished 4th. I’m sure Boris, and the other seven employees at his No Fear sponsored race staff, will just take 4th whenever! Admirers get prepared. The much more achievements Boris has, the much more you happen to be heading to see him.

Who’s Not?

This week’s Who’s Not is the moment all over again dedicated to Jeff Gordon. Immediately after an regrettable wreck in the Pepsi 400 with 14 laps to go that was by no indicates his fault, Jeff Gordon found himself out of the race and, the moment all over again, out of the best 10 in driver’s details. In the three restrictor plate races as a result much of the 2006  Nextel  Cup time, Gordon has nevertheless to complete in the best 10.

These types of is the luck of productive tremendous speedway drivers. Each Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr have had huge achievements at Daytona and Talladega. The most important facet outcome of achievements at restrictor plate races is that no a single would like to staff up with you on the race track. As a result, for Gordon to win or even be competitive, he has to have the best auto on the track arrive race day.

Unnecessary to say, Gordon had a best 5 auto, but definitely not the best auto this previous Saturday evening. With driver positions eight-twelve separated only by sixty one details, it is really anyone’s guess as to who will be in the best when the subject for the Chase for the Championship is set. However, if Gordon can duplicate his win at Infineon in the forthcoming race at Watkins Glen, he might distance himself more than enough from the competitors to qualify for the Chase.

Previous Week’s Headlines

Let me paint you a photo Thomas Jefferson would even be very pleased of. Hot summer evening, July 4th vacation weekend, fireworks in the air, and forty three thundering equipment rumbling close to America’s beloved 2 1/2 mile speedway in the vicinity of the beach locations of Daytona. What a way to celebrate the start and development of our great country!

Saturday night’s race was void of the “big a single” that generally dooms lots of drivers at restrictor plate races. However, that does not indicate the race was void of pleasure! There have been a lot of guide changes with drivers biking through the full subject. In the close, unfamiliar faces like Boris Said’s have been at the entrance mixing up the usual restrictor plate shuffle.

Some of the largest movers in the race have been Kyle Busch (who jumped 4 spots to enter the best ten in the 8 position), Dale Earnhardt Jr (who leap-frogged Kasey Kahne to just take about 3rd), and Tony Stewart (who finished his multi-7 days slide down the best ten).

Possibly the most important final result of the Pepsi 400 is that Matt Kenseth is now only eight details at the rear of the ever dominant Jimmie Johnson. Johnson’s crash into Bobby Labonte with twelve laps remaining close his day and still left him out of the race in thirty second position. Matt Kenseth, on the other hand, had a sturdy best 5 complete at a track wherever Roush drivers are generally happy to wander away with a best fifteen complete.

Each Jeff Gordon and Greg Biffle dropped out of the best ten in details when both have been associated in a wreck with 6 laps to go. Gordon finished the day in 40th and Biffle in 31st. Neither driver can now afford to pay for to have very similar outcomes in the remaining eight races if they hope to qualify for the Chase for the Championship.

Each Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin benefited from Jeff Gordon and Greg Biffle’s misfortunes. Kyle jumped 4 spots in details to the 8th position even though Hamlin moved up 1 spot to the tenth position.

By Jon Vandergrift

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