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LG Secret Phone Deals

20 Apr LG Secret Phone Deals

In the mobile world, the release of a series within a set mobile manufactures range has always been a good strategy for companies and since they are in a series, they have their own owned feature or looks. LG as one of the mobile companies, has also released a series of mobile phones, from its two series the "Chocolate" and "Shine", here comes another series, the Black label series, and from this the lg secret mobile phone has come to the market. Let us look into the secrets of this handset, let us find out why this phone is selling a lot in the UK.

You can easily see how beautiful the design is of this mobile, from its black classy design, to the neon touch navigation tool. It is so attractive indeed. It does not have a very wonderful design but it does have wonderful things to offer you. This lg handset has a slim 5 megapixel camera that is used for capturing still images and small video recording ability.

The display of the mobile phone depends on the movement of the users hand; it can either be in a horizontal or vertical view. This phone also has an auto brightness control, which enables users to save battery life for more use. Together with its 240 x 320 pixel touch screen display there is a keypad which gives users more option to use and control their mobile phone.

This mobile phone is also packed with the ability to use Google bits and bobs, users can use Google search and other Google tools when using the internet. Although this mobile handset was release over a year ago, some UK buyers still prefer to buy this mobile. It is now available from only £ 15 in the UK on 18 month contract.

By Andy Patterson

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