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Low-cost cell phone headaches

25 Feb Low-cost cell phone headaches

SAN ANTONIO – by Randy Escamilla rmescamilla@sbgtv.com
Frustrated with your calls dropping by your low-cost cell phone carrier. You’re not alone.
GoSmart Mobile lured our TV news producer Kristin Dean with its low prices and no contract needed.
Frankly, it’s just a nightmare. I know that a lot of people do complain about their phone service but, I’ve had the major carriers, my friends and family have had the major carriers, and now I’ve had my experience with this and I can tell you that is is so much worse than any problems that I’ve ever had from anybody else, said Dean.
TMobile, the parent company of GoSmart Mobile issued the following statement:
There is generally no connection between wireless plan rates and quality of service. GoSmart Mobile is built on a reliable nationwide network and provides a solid 3G experience for customers who use their phones primarily for talk and text and basic Web use, says David Berkowitz, TMobile Spokesman
TMobile did offer to review our producer’s plan after they learned of her situation. Dean, however, says it’s too late.

If it sounds too good to be true…it’s cliche but true, said Dean.

The Better Business Bureau suggests you shop around and always read the fine print.

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