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Maltese Regulation on House – The Agreement of Emphyteusis

28 May Maltese Regulation on House – The Agreement of Emphyteusis

Report 1494 of the Maltese Civil Code (Chapter sixteen of the Legislation of Malta), defines Emphyteusis as follows:

“Emphyteusis is a agreement whereby 1 of the contracting functions grants to the other, in perpetuity or for a time, a tenement for a stated yearly hire or floor-hire which the latter binds himself to pay back to the previous, both in income or in type, as an acknowledgment of the tenure.”

Emphyteusis is usual of Continental regulation (European) and not English regulation. It is incredibly various from lease or hire of a dwelling property or a piece of land. This is since as opposed to lease, Emphyteusis is a serious ideal which attaches to the land becoming contracted and not to the particular person contracting this sort of ideal. On the other hand, lease, becoming a individual ideal, does not connect to the land or the dwelling property becoming granted, but only to the particular person getting the lease. The lawful implications arising out of these dissimilarities are considerable, specially with regards to the legal rights and obligations of the contracting functions.

The agreement of Emphyteusis will have to be manufactured by general public deed prior to a Notary Public. It would be null if carried out by indicates of a non-public producing. Lease, on the other hand may possibly be entered into by non-public producing and will have the drive of regulation. The agreement of Emphyteusis are not able to be transformed throughout the emphyteutical interval. When the floor-hire is proven, it are not able to be transformed.

Report 1494 offers three key phrases which have to have to be clarified:

i. perpetuity or for a time

There are two kinds of empytheutical grants: Perpetual Emphyteusis and temporary Emphyteusis. The previous is a payment which will have to be effected yearly with the lawful alternative of redemption. Redemption renders the land freehold. Momentary Emphyteusis, on the other hand, is a agreement for a number of many years. (Normally in Malta the most common number of many years contracted for are 17 many years, 21 many years, ninety nine many years and a hundred and fifty many years.)

ii. stated yearly hire or floor-hire

The ‘canone’ or floor-hire will have to be stated in the agreement, less than agony of nullity, and is to be compensated yearly to the dominus, i.e. the proprietor of the property.


The utilista acknowledges the truth that he can legally enjoy that assets and will have to acknowledge the dominus as becoming the serious proprietor of this sort of assets.

The agreement of Emphyteusis is a sui generis agreement whereby the dominus, who is the serious proprietor of the assets, is briefly divested of all his ownership legal rights. These types of legal rights and obligations are shifted to the ‘utilista,’ the particular person taking pleasure in this sort of grant, throughout this sort of interval. On the expiration of the agreement, the assets, with all the enhancements manufactured to it, will revert to the dominus and there will be no ideal to prolong the Emphyteusis.

In the aged times, Emphyteusis applied to be granted by land house owners to farmers who tended the land. Sometimes the settlement would be that as acknowledgment, alternatively than paying income, the farmer would produce to the dominus component of the create, harvest or fruit yielded by that land.

Ownership legal rights and obligations are, throughout the functioning of the Emphyteusis, vested in the utilista and not the serious proprietor. Report 1507 states that the utilista is sure to carry out any obligationimposed by regulation on the house owners of structures or lands. This demonstrates the obligation which the utilista has in conditions of upkeep of the assets. He will have to deal with this sort of assets as if it were his individual. If, even so, there is considerable price in carrying out this sort of obligation, the utilista may possibly implement prior to the Civil Courtroom To start with Hall to demand that the dominus be compelled to contribute a portion of the price. In this sort of a scenario the courtroom will acquire into thing to consider, largely, the agreement of Emphyteusis entered into by the functions, the remaining interval of the grant, the volume of floor-hire and other instances relevant to the demand.

The utilista has a incredibly wide ideal of disposing of the assets held less than Emphyteusis he may possibly dispose of the emphyteutical tenement by indicates of a general public deed which can both be an act inter vivos, i.e. manufactured throughout his life span, or causa mortis, i.e. manufactured after his dying, in this scenario, by indicates of a will. The utilista may possibly market the Emphyteusis to a third social gathering for a specified volume of income. Clearly, he will be marketing the remainder of the emphyteutical interval. In addition, he may possibly grant the assets after again less than Emphyteusis, identified as sub-Emphyteusis, in which scenario, he will be getting a floor-hire himself.

These types of alienation of assets does not call for the permission or consent of the dominus, in both scenario. In addition, the legal rights and obligations of the utilista will, upon transfer, be shifted on to the new utilista or sub-emphytheuta. The latter will only develop into the new utilista after the dominus has acknowledged him. Unless the new utilista is identified to be incapable of carrying out his contractual obligations, the dominus are not able to refuse to acknowledge him. In scenarios wherever the dominus refuses to acknowledge the new utilista, the latter will continue to remain individually sure to the previous for the payment of the floor-hire.

During the interval of the functioning of the Emphyteusis, the utilista has the ideal to ‘alter the surface of the tenement, offered he does not cause any deterioration thereof'(Report 1506(two)). Therefore, if the utilista would like to build additional or to incorporate additional to the by now existing constructions on the land, he may possibly do so. In addition, he is entitled to any ‘treasure trove’ that he may possibly discover on this sort of assets. The dominus is not entitled to a share.

On expiration of the Emphyteusis, the utilista is sure by regulation to return the land or tenement with all the enhancements manufactured throughout the many years throughout which the assets was less than Emphyteusis.

By Natasha Buontempo

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