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Military Cell Phone Plans

10 Dec Military Cell Phone Plans

Picking up a cell phone plan can be more complicated and confusing than buying the cell phone. Many cellular companies offer a lot of choices. A US military officer is eligible for certain cell phone service advantages. Military discount cell phone plans are great for military personnel.

According to the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996, all military personnel and federal employees are entitled to a discount on their cell phone service. If the discount is not advertised, you have to ask for it by calling the companies and referring to the Act. The providers implement it on the spot. To avail of this benefit, people need to present evidence of Federal employment, such as their supervisor's name, phone number and the unit's address.

Military cell phone plans require that the customer signs an agreement for a definite time period, usually a year or two. It is important to assess the terms of the contract first. Payments and the length of service time mentioned in the document must be understood properly. A person who is not satisfied with the terms can move on to another military cellular plan provider.

Cell phone companies come up with different plans for military personnel throughout the United States. Each military discount plan offers a different percentage of military discounts, ranging from 15% to 22%. Among the popular cell phone companies are Cingular (19% off), T-Mobile (22% off), Sprint (15% off), Nextel (18% off) and Verizon (17% off).

It is not easy to know where to begin shopping for the perfect and foolproof cell phone plan. A careful research of military cell phone plans gives all the information required. Internet surfing helps you familiarize yourself with various plans. Visiting many of your local cell phone providers will keep you informed of the latest developments and changes in these plans.

By Max Bellamy

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