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Mobile Phones – Advantages and Disadvantages

05 Dec Mobile Phones – Advantages and Disadvantages

Mobile phones, or cell phones as it is frequently called nowadays, have significantly revolutionized the way people communicate with one another. It has empowered a lot of people and has even made a lot of things possible because of its many features and capabilities. However, just like any precedent technologies, mobile devices have its own advantages and disadvantages.


The use of mobile phones poses some serious threats to its users. We often hear people who have died or were injured in vehicular accidents because they were using their cell phones while they were driving. These are not isolated incidences because a lot of people are known to chat incessantly with another person on the other line while they drive. Bluetooth and hands-free devices have become very common but these do not help. People’s reflexes tend to slow down when they are talking on the phone and driving because their attention is on the conversation.

There have been a lot of health issues that were attributed to excessive use of mobile phones as well. For instance, there have been reported studies that show that men who keep their mobile phones in their pocket for longer periods can cause male infertility. There are also studies that show that some teens who frequently use mobile devices suffer from irregular sleep patterns because of the microwave-like radiation effect of the cell phone’s signal. All these may seem absurd but there have been actual studies to prove these.


The advantages brought about by mobile far outweigh its disadvantages. The wireless technology that allows mobile phones to be “mobile” and yet always connected is probably its best advantage. Cell phones have made the world smaller and they have made families stay closer together through constant communication

Cell phones are also very useful especially in times of emergencies. However, most Hollywood movies show cell phones having no services especially when the protagonist is being chased by some bad guys. This is not always true because most telecommunications provider nowadays have made it a point to reach every square inch of the country with their wireless signals.

Cell phones also have very practical applications in the corporate world. For instance, mobile phones with email capabilities are being utilized by mobile professionals to send and receive online fax messages even if they are on the go. Since online fax is sent and receive via email systems, all the mobile phone user needs is wireless technology and faxing has never been easier.

Mobile devices are often very sleek and very slim. Its dimensions make it more advantageous because it is easily held by the hand and they can be brought anywhere and can be kept in pockets, purses and wallets. They are very handy and very portable compared to their predecessors-big and bulky. Cell phones nowadays fit our busy lifestyle. However, this sleek and slim design also makes mobile phones prone to theft and being lost.

By Tina L Douglas

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