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Mobile Phones – Past and Present.

16 Jun Mobile Phones – Past and Present.

I have seldom witnessed such a phenomenal rage and a quicker epidemic as the overpowering invasion of mobile phones over human lives. Ten years from now, I was still under the extended intoxication of Heavy Metal music, which had majestically lodged deep into my mind as the most widespread and historic phenomena ever. This belief of mine slowly waned away with the unprecedented assault of excessive modern day commercialisation. With the emergence of mass scale advertising platforms like print, television and the Internet, things moved rapidly for the mobile phone industry. Global outreach became an easy target for them, and the constant support of an ever evolving technology made revolutionary developments much of an achievable feat. The mobile phone industry promised more interesting things like mobile TV, mobile gaming, mobile music and mobile Internet for the tech-savvy people worldwide.

The mobile phone industry has undergone a sea change during the last decade. The foremost communication devices carried the most minimalistic platform for the users allowing them to merely receive and make calls and send text messages as well. Even the handsets available during the early wireless communication age were burly devices with monochrome displays that offered hardly any graphical delight for the users. Moreover, global mobility was a great challenge for the manufacturers as network operation up to three and four bands had not been worked upon. The band-with frequency had been limited to two levels leaving much room for improvisation on the coverage of these phones.

The 21st century, along with several new developments opened the door to a whole new mobility ballgame. Mobile phone manufacturers utilised modern technology to the maximum and applied their intelligence for the creation of phones with awe inspiring features to compete with other prominent players. Today, mobile phones have ceremoniously taken over as highly desirable multi-purpose devices with cutting edge abilities like integrated cameras, Internet browsers, email platforms, video recorders, music players and GPS navigation systems.

By Andrena Markley

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