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Phone Network Comparison Can Help You Strike the Best Deal in USA

27 Jul Phone Network Comparison Can Help You Strike the Best Deal in USA

The United States of America has a communication system which is enviable. Basically, the spectacular network of the country is organized in two different categories – the mobile or cellular phone and the landline services. What has brought excellence to the service is the participation of several service providers in these networks.

AT & T and Verizon, two leading telecom companies in USA, found their spots in the list of 50 largest telecom service providers in 2006. The list included 26% of the US and Canadian telecoms. Verizon led the chart with their broadband and telecom services while AT & T followed them closely. In fact, the telecommunications industry of America does not end here. There are cable TV providers, satellite TV providers, mobile phone companies, ISP or Internet Service Providers and so on.

However, the abundance of service has one drawback. The customers are often confused about how to choose the best service among them. Even in the domain of traditional landline service, there are providers such as Comcast, AT & T, Qwest and Verizon all of which have numerous benefits and can offer a wide range of facilities for its users. The landline can be used for the commercial purposes as well as for domestic usage. Due to the adherence to the traditional technology, these phones require to be connected through wire. The companies own their own cables and relays to send the message to other phones. In fact the landline services in United States of America are much in demand due to their reliability and accessibility.

It can not be denied that with the advent of cutting-edge technology, the demand for the landline service has taken the backseat. Certainly, this is the era of mobile telephone. As an increasing number of people are opting for this service, more companies are coming up with improved service offerings resulting in intense competition in the mobile service arena. Currently in USA, T-Mobile, Sprint, Virgin Mobile, AT & T and Verizon provide cell phone service. With the help of this service the calls can be sent from one to another wireless device. However, for that, the user must stay within the cellular tower. Most of the Americans now carry cell phones as it is convenient and very useful in time of emergency. Many of them have already started using it as the primary means of communication.

There is yet another technology that enables the phone calls to reach the destination and this is through the internet connection. Known as VoIP, this requires an internet connection to be effective. At this point of time, there are Broad Voice, Vonage, Skype, Lingo and Packet8 which provides this service. Most of them offer unlimited calls from the line. This is certainly an awesome money saving package. However, this service is ineffective in times of power outage. Also, the unlimited calls are only restricted within the country.

The world of telecommunication is evolving across the globe and the American telecom industry is no exception. Almost every day the providers are coming up with new services and features. Each of the services has their merits and demerits as well. Therefore, it is essential to check out the options to make the best deal.

By Erick John

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