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Pick a Cheap Mobile Phone

19 Feb Pick a Cheap Mobile Phone

A mobile phone is a much sought after personal gadget and one of the most popular consumer product sold in the market nowdays. Mobile phones have made life easier for people, irrespective of their status or profession. In choosing a mobile phone you have to apply your mind. Before buying a mobile phone, the duration of expected use and the area in which you intended to use it factors to be considered.

The territory within which you want to use your phone can be a local area or within a particular region. It may be sometime within the national territory and also beyond it as you may have to make international calls. But remember that the service meter starts running, the moment you make a call or receive a call. Therefore it is necessary to choose an appropriate plan under which you can use the phone economically.

In the case of across country traveler, there are plans under which the phone calls can be made or received without any extra charges. The key factor is wherever the service provider offer free roaming charges or as an alternative offer concession rates, within specified territory.

Again, the data usage is matter to be taken into account, when selecting a suitable plan. A phone with provisions of e-mail, photos, IM and web access are available, but consider suitable plans to avail whatever facilities you require.

The basic plans offered by most service providers limit the talking time, above which extra rates of charges are levied. Verify the terms offered by different phone companies. Many of them offer a trial period of 30 days to enable the customer to test the suitability of a particular plan.

Similar all companies are offering discounts on service fees, if a customer chooses a plan for one or two years. The companies offer lower rates for longer periods of contracts.

Look for a wireless mode phone which sends and receives both digital and analogue signals. It is more consistent than single mode type, because it can be used in countryside areas where digital service is not available, as well as in urban areas also. Even though roaming charges will be levied, such phones are convenient for those who travel through rural and urban areas. The analogue phones consume more battery power than a digital one. So if your use confines only to urban areas, choose a digital phone which is cheaper than a dual mode phone.

In choosing a phone, make sure that it is comfortable for your ears. You should be able to hear the voice without frequent adjustments. If necessary go for a headset jack to avoid strapping your neck and shoulder.

Size and weight of the mobile phone is important. Remember a mobile phone is a portable devise. Choose one which is convenient to carry. Some of the latest models are very sophisticated and light. There are phones which are 5 inches long, 2 inches wide and 1 inch thick, weighing about 4 ounces.

Prefer a type with longer battery life. It should have about 4 hours talk time and two to six days on stand by. Periodical recharging is very essential to enhance the signal strength. Phones that continuously explore for signals will sprint down fast. Always prefer higher capacity battery and charging adapter for use in a car.

As for the screen, choose a handset which allows you to adjust the font size to fit more texts on the screen. But when you pack more digits on the screen, they become smaller in size, causing hardships to read. You have to Compare Mobile Handsets of different brands and models to make a worthy choice.

The keypad is very important. You should be able to use the functions without referring the manual. Lay out and menu should be well specified.

By Victor Thomas

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