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Placing it All With each other: The research for a Pocket Computer Phone

28 Apr Placing it All With each other: The research for a Pocket Computer Phone

When I determined that I wanted to replace my terribly out of day cell cell phone – an old   Nextel  i1000plus – my thoughts inevitably wandered toward a pda cell phone. For these that know me this most likely appeared like a no brainer. I have a very long background of pda dependence likely back again many years to a Palm 3X. On the other hand, I now experienced a pda that I was very satisfied with. For the final year and a fifty percent I experienced applied my HP iPAQ 2215 for anything from a PDA (Own Digital Assistant), an e-ebook reader, an MP3 player, a picture wallet, an alarm clock, a cell world-wide-web browser(employing a compact flash wifi card), amid quite a few other things. Trying to cram a cell phone in to all of this appeared overwhelming, but curiosity – and my will need for a new gadget – obtained the improved of me. My research was twofold – glance for a new cell cell phone and a new service provider. With my current mobile service provider I did not get any reception in my home so I wanted to find a provider that did.

By numerous unscientific implies these as my have feeling polls of close friends and do the job associates in conjunction with some world wide web study I whittled my way down to possibly Cingular or Verizon. Equally tended to get higher marks from the customers I polled and the from world wide web study. With this section of the equation labored out I went on the internet to see what variety of phones every single experienced to provide. I was prepared to go with a two year dedication in the hopes of receiving a improved deal on cell phone and approach pricing. In addition I preferred to get a group approach wherever my spouse and I could share minutes.

So, now I am searching on every single firm’s respective internet websites for their state of the artwork Pocket Computer phones. I am not conversing about the Wise phones – these are the phones with Pocket Computer software jammed into a small small monitor that is just not even a contact monitor – that just would not satisfy my demands. I am conversing about the whole blown, “why are you conversing into your calculator?” Pocket Computer phones – the uber-geek, pocket protector integrated variety of micro pc powerhouse. Just after all, I am married now and I am definitely not anxious about community feeling or impressing anybody with my modern, fashionable, attractive new mobile cell phone.

I am hoping to spend about $300.00. I determine I can market my iPAQ 2215 on eBAY for $200.00 and $a hundred.00 for a new cell phone would seem like a pretty fantastic deal.

So, what I find is one heck of a cost tag. Verizon has the a lot talked about Treo seven hundred. This is the first Treo with the Pocket Computer running system – Home windows Mobile five.. This will come in at $five hundred.00. Way too dear for me and it will not even have Wifi.

Cingular’s ideal cost on a PocketPC cell phone was not a lot improved. I could get an HP iPAQ hw6510 for $400.00. Again, no wifi. This is a actual sticking stage for me. I will not see any explanation why a device intended for conversation would leave out this important specification. Staying ready to connect to an 802.11b/g wi-fi network when it is accessible is a necessity.

Alright, back again to the drawing board, maybe I can attempt this from a different angle – Ebay.

Looking up “Pocket Computer cell phone” on eBay will get you very a good deal of hits with a fantastic assortment of more recent and more mature Pocket Computer phones. At this stage I am wondering that I could get something maybe marginally applied that would fulfill all of my requirements. This would also give me a fantastic cross section of accurately what is out there and what attributes are accessible in this kind of gadget.
Just after likely by means of very a good deal of auction descriptions and cross referencing producer world-wide-web web pages I experienced set my web pages on a distinct cell phone, the Siemens SX66. This distinct cell phone/pda combo experienced been available by Cingular until finally recently and it no longer showed on their site. It appeared to match my desire checklist: a quickly 400mhz xscale processor, wifi, Bluetooth, SDIO slot and it experienced a slide out keyboard for textual content enter. So, I viewed a handful of auctions and retained an eye on the prices.

But, occasionally you just have to get off of the world wide web and strike the brick and mortar. I went to my area Verizon and Cingular suppliers and talked to the income reps about what plans I was searching for. I was not amazed with my very long wait around at the Verizon Wireless retailer or the pushy salesman that I obtained. He appeared to feel he knew just what I wanted and retained exhibiting me phones and plans that I just was not fascinated in.

I experienced a different expertise at the Cingular retailer. The income rep showed me a map of the mobile coverage about my home, he talked to me about the plans that I experienced observed on the site and when I stated to him that I experienced been searching at a Siemens SX66 Pocket Computer cell phone on eBay he went into the back again of the retailer and arrived out with the final SX66 that they experienced. I signed on to a two year deal with Cingular that night time with a heck of a fantastic deal on a Pocket Computer cell phone that experienced all the specifications that I experienced been searching for.

And you know what? I can even chat on my Siemens SX66 sitting in my dwelling area.

By Michael A. Keenan

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