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Prepaid Phone Cards and the Youth Market

19 Jun Prepaid Phone Cards and the Youth Market

Prepaid phone cards are important for many consumers in our communication driven world, particularly for teenagers.  A phone card is simply one example of the telecommunication choices that people of all ages have these days.  While most adults can recall being limited to a land line phone in their parents’ homes when they were teenagers, most of today’s teens have cell phones they can use whenever and wherever they please.  They also have more options than ever before for how they make calls.  Prepaid calling cards allow consumers to makes calls globally or locally a very low rates without having to sign up for an extended contract with a mobile provider.  And since they are so convenient to purchase and use, they are perfect for the teen market. 

One of the main reasons why prepaid phone cards are so popular with the youth demographic is because they are so simple.  A teen can purchase a phone card once with preloaded minutes, and when those minutes are up he or she can load more minutes onto the card either over the phone or on the Internet.  There are no monthly dues to pay and no contracts to sign. 

Phone cards are also very affordable compared to land lines and many cellular phone plans, especially for international calls.  Teens that have friends and family abroad can appreciate this because they don’t have to spend all their allowance or all the hard earned money from their part time job to keep in touch.  The prepaid card provides an option to save more money and avoid overspending. 

Prepaid phone cards are very easy to find and easy to buy.  They are available online as well as in shopping malls and convenience stores, which are all places that teens frequent. And since prepaid cards have very simple instructions and the services are available immediately, many teens prefer them.  The instructions are also standard so they are pretty much the same from one company to the next.  A teen can buy one of these cards once and learn how to use it, and then they should have no problems with any other cards they purchase and use in the future.
With a simple phone card, a teen can make all the calls he or she desires without any of the overpriced complications of cell phone contracts.  It’s easy to see why they’re so popular.

By Groshan Fabiola

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