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Samsung Galaxy Tab With the Social Hub

22 May Samsung Galaxy Tab With the Social Hub

The history of the Samsung Galaxy Tab was a thing of all, to say the least. In fact, took place in May we heard rumors that Samsung is planning a 7-inch tablet Android at launch Galaxy S-telephones, but only after months of painful joke – a cruel enough to see his presentation at Engadget Show – Sammy finally revealed to the world tab Galaxy at IFA. Tab properly packaged products – 1 GHz processor, full support for Flash, using Android 2.2, double camera, support for up to 32 GB disk space, and WiFi / 3G connectivity – for Android tablets and some to shame and our hands for the first time just had a craving for more. Without the availability and prices, but the story was a cliffhanger. Of course, these details were leaked in the next two months, and here in the U.S., Samsung has finally announced that the four major U.S. airlines is expected to call their own chips. Verizon has finally taken the lead in advertising rates, and found that his contract Masters Thesis in the category of $ 600 – Sprint at the same price without a contract with an option of $ 400 for two consecutive years.

In fact, it’s pretty long journey, but even after all that some of the most important questions remain unanswered. If the experience more complete and polished form as tablets Android others out there? As Samsung’s custom applications? Finally, a tablet has finally arrived on the market that can compete with Apple iPad? We believe it is time to answer these questions and, finally opened, which may be the most important chapter in the history of the Galaxy tab – check the official Engadget. We knew you would agree, so visit us after the break.

With high speed and reliability of Verizon Wireless 3G network, you will be able to connect to a wide range of streaming media and enjoy fast downloads of music, movies and documents on the move. Verizon Wireless customers can set up a monthly plan of $ 20 per month for 1 GB. You can also share your 3G broadband with up to five mobile devices, while others – laptop, a mobile, MP3 player and much more – with Wi-Fi.

With Google’s technology offers integrated Galaxy cards quick access to popular Google services to one million mobile users every day, including voice search on Google, Google Maps with Street View, Gtalk, YouTube, Picasa, and contacts synchronization calendar. It also includes the most popular mobile applications such as V CAST Music, V CAST Song ID, Verizon Wireless VZ Navigator and Slacker Radio, Kindle Android and the letter from Blockbuster V CAST Video.

Through the market, you will have access to thousands of useful applications, widgets and fun games to download and install on your phone, with many more applications are added every day. Also, the plaster board Galaxy V Samsung offers Verizon Wireless’ store hundreds of mobile applications for businesses and consumers.

Galaxy card provides full support for Adobe Flash Player 10.1, the Flash-enabled access to the sites, watching movies and games and the integrated support for super-fast Wireless-N Wi-Fi, laptop screen Galaxy card is ideal for movies latest and entertainment.

Designed to fit in one hand, write messages or notes are simple and easy with the virtual QWERTY keyboard tab Galaxy Swype with technology that lets you enter text faster and more intuitive movement with a sliding fingers on the keyboard. E ‘equipped with a camera that looks back to capture and share pictures and a front camera for video conferencing. Other features include Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity for wireless headsets and stereo music streaming, 2 GB of internal memory, microSD memory (16 GB card included), HDMI video output (via a port in more) and up to 13 hours of battery life . On the other hand, does not mean that there are fundamental elements of the operating system that changes to add the display properties to real and require, in contrast to the other so to tablets Android, Samsung over on applications not throw produce inventory. Below is a summary of the main applications developed specifically for Samsung Card.

E-mail – the core of e-mail application such as mobile S Galaxy, but when you return to the screen in landscape mode, you get a box like Microsoft Outlook, the Inbox shows positions of left and right. We prefer to manage and respond to messages in this application, the Gmail application, which is the version for smartphones.

Calendar – Calendar application is so attractive. In landscape mode, you can set it in the calendar fill the entire screen or two similar to a preview window showing a list of upcoming displays.

Messages, contacts – These are pretty straightforward. Even if the card is not technically a phone that all U.S. companies have only a limited capacity resource, you can send the mail application on SMS or MMS or e-mail to other contacts. Like the others, you have a dual-window view in landscape mode – you can see your contacts on the left and right of the message.

Media Hub – It began, which may be better positioned on some phones, Galaxy and S, but the card to take advantage of the new film and TV Samsung memory take / player. Currently there are over 1000 videos from MTV, Paramount and Universal, and then there’s a good selection of current titles – you came away empty-handed, if you begin looking for – the episode of South Park Jersey Shore $ 1.99 reduced old movies. No, ET or the Terminator, to name a few, are not available. Of course, everything here is protected by DRM, and had zero luck trying to drag it to your desktop. However, he can see on your account up to five devices Samsung Media Hub already purchased access to all content. Media Hub is not a bad alternative to over-the-air, but at this point you could purchase content from Amazon Unbox and sideloading are considering for use on multiple devices. Just try to read more review at Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

By Jerry Chan

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