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Samsung VS Motorola Mobile Phones – Equally Powerful

17 Aug Samsung VS Motorola Mobile Phones – Equally Powerful

The present day world has turned into a virtual battlefield for the leading mobile manufacturing companies. As time is rolling by, newer and sophisticated technologies are pouring in – in the form of high end mobile devices. Technologically sound features have become an integral part in the latest mobile phones nowadays. Samsung and Motorola, the two legends of wireless communication, have been constantly unveiling some elegant and powerful mobile phones which have caught the eye of public attention – thanks to their commendable features and functionalities.

When it comes to the matter of slider mobile phones, Samsung is undoubtedly the undisputed king. Be it the Samsung E-Series or the highly popular D-Series or the recently launched U-Series, the best of slider can be all seen in the Samsung mobile phones. A pleasure to hold, Samsung’s sliders phones have won many accolades the world over. In making clamshell and candybar phones also, Samsung has risen to the height of popularity. In all the Samsung mobile phones, you will get exceptional display (even the low priced Samsung excel in its class in terms of display), good connectivity options, dedicated music players, gaming facility etc. Many a high end models carry high resolution megapixel cameras with them.

Motorola is another big name in the world of mobile telephony. In fact, Motorola is the first commercial mobile phone maker in the entire world. Motorola mobile phones are equally smart in features as well as in looks. RAZR, RIZR, ROKR and KRZR have changed the way people talk – communicate. Slim, light, powerful – these handsets carry necessary features like camera, music, web access, gaming, connectivity tools etc.

There are several mobile phone shop which have very good mobile phone offers for you. If buying a Samsung or Motorola mobile handset is on your mind , it will be wise on your part to go for online purchasing.

By Amanda Dorthy

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