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Satellite Phone Plans

29 Dec Satellite Phone Plans

Satellite phone service providers offer various phone plans to their customers to make their mark known. The satellite phone plans should be selected by the user to best suit his needs and requirements. There are prepaid phone plans, monthly plans, and hibernation plans offered by various satellite phone companies.

The various criterions that one should keep in mind is to first choose a satellite phone, then choose a satellite phone service provider and then choose a plan. You can choose between buying new or used satellite phones and renting one. Once you have chosen to buy, then you can select the provider. Satellite telecommunication companies present competitive plans and varied coverage zones. Before selecting any plan, you need to make sure the service provider offers coverage wherever you go and need to use your phone.

Many satellite phone service companies come up with novel package deals, prepaid calling cards, free e-mails, and free text messaging. Various plans charge the customers by the amount of minutes they use. Heavy users may use these phones a lot for communication, whereas light users use their phones sparingly. Thus these plans help customers pay only for what they have used and that avoid a mandatory monthly bill.

The liberty plans are suitable for emergency management or seasonal customers who use phone lines only in certain situations, but their usage is highly important. Service plans of some satellite phone companies offer no fees for short messaging services and voice mails.

Certain satellite telecommunication companies also devise plans that provide no outgoing calls, but allow unlimited in coming calls. And there are express data phone plans that allow the user to transmit their data at high speeds. The normal transmission speed of data is 9.6 Kbps, but the express plan supplies its customers with 56 Kbps speed.

Burst plans are provided by satellite phone providers wherein there are incremental minutes that the user can use when he exceeds a certain limit of call minute or call costs. Here, it acts like a bonus for heavy customers and they get a bonus from the calls that make and can use these extra minutes of service for free of cost.

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