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Service Providers Sell Samsung Prepaid Phones

21 Mar Service Providers Sell Samsung Prepaid Phones

Prepaid phones are phones that a cellular service provider (such as AT & T, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile Verizon Wireless, or Telus in Canada) provide when you buy a prepaid plan.

Prepaid plans basically mean there is no contract between the service provider and you. You simply get the phone and either pay for your calls as you go, topping up and loading airtime on your phone; Or you pay upfront what you intend to spend for the next while and only refill your airtime when it's finished. Airtime is often called "prepaid cards" and these cards can be sold at numerous places, depending on the service provider. Even vending machines can disperse these prepaid cards. These vending machines are particularly popular at the airport as they are convenient for travelers.

Airtime cards are sold with a set amount of minutes on them, which usually makes things a great deal easier or cheaper for users. For instance, if a user wants to buy 20 minutes they may pay more for two 10 minute cards than one 20 minute card. In this way, carriers create incentive for more minutes to be bought.

The advantages of prepaid plans are obvious: no contract means no obligation. No billing service means that you do not get a surprise at the end of the month with a cell phone bill you were not expecting. No contract means you're not obliged to stick to a particular cellular service plan with the carrier. Prepaid plans are convenient and cheaper for the cell phone user who does not intend to use the phone that much. This is why they are ideal for students or young people. Business people would be more attracted to a contract.

Cellular networks typically provide wonderful discounts when selling prepaid phones to their customers, with free prepaid cards given upfront (or even every month) and unlimited text messaging services. Some may even provide certain data services for free or a discount on the phone. Buying prepaid phones and cards on the internet are often much cheaper, a ploy from the cellular provider to increase the popularity of its website.

Some networks may sell prepaid phones that are locked to that network, and some prepaid phones that are unlocked – meaning that any other network's SIM card can be used in the phone. Careful, though, if you bought a GSM phone you will not be able to use a SIM card from a cellular network that runs off of CDMA. Both of these kinds of technology are popular in the US and so you would have to first make sure you know what phone you are getting, and know which type of technology each network uses.

Mainstream and smaller cellular networks in North America offer a wonderful selection of Samsung phones in their prepaid phone range. Most of the time the truly high-end phones are sold on contract only (as they are quite expensive to buy on their own) but service providers may sell them on prepaid too, if they wish. Most prepaid phones sold are very much geared towards the market that enjoys prepaid plans – young people and students. These phones are typically multimedia focused, with cameras, messaging software and music options.

By Leon Van Tubbergh

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