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Sony Xperia Z – The World’s First High End Tough Phone

15 Mar Sony Xperia Z – The World’s First High End Tough Phone

Probably the most expensive bit of kit we all seem to carry around with us these days is our mobile phone. But mobile phones can be quite delicate creatures, and can easily slip out of your hand. Some of the more expensive handsets come with such impossibly slim profiles it can sometimes feel like you’re answering a bar of soap!

Enter the tough phone. Built to last, a tough phone is ready for every knock, bump and bruise you can throw at it. Tough phones are great way to enjoy the benefits of having a mobile phone without the worry. From builders to socialites, everyone likes to have the reassurance that their phone will not end up on the scrap heap.

Tough phones were a welcome addition to the market when they first made an appearance a few years ago. Traditional construction companies like JCB marketed them to trade professionals as well as to people who wanted a basic phone without the worry. But there was a gap in the market. These same people wanted a tough phone, but they wanted it smart and high end. Enter the Xperia Z.

Xperia Z

The Sony Xperia Z is an ultra-high-end tough phone. With a feature list that includes a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and a 13 megapixel camera, the Xperia Z is the handset to watch for 2013. So what tough features does the Xperia Z have? The first is a shatter proof front and back. Sony uses Dragontail glass on the front and Gorilla glass on the rear. Traditionally handsets use one or the other types of glass to improve their toughness, but Sony has gone for both in the Xperia Z in order to give it tough credentials in as slim a body as possible.

The second is the body of the phone. It’s made from a glass-fibre polyamide, the type of material that is often used in the car industry as a substitute for metal. It’s incredibly strong yet lightweight, ideal for use in a tough phone.

The third tough feature is of the Xperia Z is dust and waterproofing. That’s right; the Xperia Z is waterproof, with rubber caps protecting its external connector’s. It has the ability to withstand immersion in up to one metre of fresh water for as long as 30 minutes. This really is a unique feature in a phone. No more worrying about dropping your phone down the toilet or getting caught in a shower! The Xperia Z has ingress protection ratings (IP) of IP55 and IP57.

So, if you’re looking for a tough phone but with high end features to embarrass then the Sony Xperia Z could be the one for you.

By Matt J Whelan

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