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Sprint Prepaid Phones and Plans

10 Jul Sprint Prepaid Phones and Plans

With the prepaid market being dramatically changed over the past few years, all big and small prepaid carriers are forced to be competitive as never before, if staying in the game is their priority. The prepaid market became much more than just a choice when having a bad credit or a choice for lower income segment. That is why, customers from all lifestyles and demographics dictate the market by requiring handsets that are more advanced and prepaid plans that satisfy their needs. On the other hand, rivalry between leaders in prepaid industry makes them offering the plans with lower costs ever. That is exactly what Sprint Nextel Corp with their Sprint prepaid phones and plans decided to do for their current and future subscribers.

Market research and listening to the customers needs are critical in the prepaid business. Many things have been changed. One of them is people appreciating more their freedom from being governed by contracts and the second is the changed way that new generations worked from 18 to 34 are communicating. Statistics from period 2007 to 2009 show the fact that people talk 10% less but send and receive massages more for up to 150%. Not to mention data usage that larger by over 1,800%. That is why new prepaid plans from Sprint Nextel Corp. Are designed for data-focused youth market.

Three new pricing plans from Sprint Nextel Corp, better known as Beyond Talk plans, which will be sold under the Virgin Mobile brand bought by Sprint last year, are focused on data and devices. All Beyond Talk plans are offering unlimited messaging, e-mail, data and web, with the difference between minutes of talk time. The lowest priced prepaid plan of $ 25 offers 300 minutes of talk time, the $ 40 include 1,200 minutes and for the $ 60 plan you can have unlimited minutes of talk time. And, for an additional $ 10, BlackBerry data service can be added to all these plans.

As long as devices are concerned, the full price for the chosen phone must be paid. However, we must admit that the offer from Sprint prepaid phones is much better than the usual prepaid phones available with prepaid providers. To back up these new Beyond Talk plans, Virgin Mobile has added some high-end feature phones and smartphones to its lineup. The one of them is Blackberry Curve 8530 with a cost of $ 300. The LG Rumor Touch can be purchased for $ 150, the Rumor 2 for $ 90 and the Kyocera Loft for $ 70.

The last statistic shows that end of the first quarter of 2010 count more than 48 million users of Sprint prepaid phones and plans. It is the only one who makes available wireless 4G service from a national providers in the US so if you consider that 4G speeds are up to 10 times faster than 3G, it is quite logical that the Sprint 4G Network has blazing-fast email and Internet Access. To be able to get access to many benefits of 4G network as streaming HD movies, downloading music fast or connecting up to 5 devices, you will need a dual-mode 3G / 4G or single-mode 3G / 4G device, together with a Mobile Broadband Connection plan or 4G Day Pass.

By Ljiljana Anicic

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